How do people get internships at university labs?

<p>Hi everybody</p>

<p>This question has puzzled me throughout high school, and I still haven't figured out the answer as a senior.
How did you get your first internship/research opportunity at a university lab as a high school student? What exactly do you do in the lab? </p>

<p>All responses are welcome. Thanks!</p>

<p>Most kids who get internships like that have family members or close family friends who are at that university if not in that lab. What students get to do is highly variable, so what really matters in your own case is where your own relatives/friends/neighbors and their relatives/friends/neighbors are working and whether someone in that larger network is able and willing to help you find a lab to work in.</p>

<p>Do you live near a university? If so, a politely worded e-mail to faculty is sometimes all that is needed to find someone willing to host a high school student. Be sure to research the lab so you can discuss possible projects. Some school districts have a science coordinator for the district. They sometimes have contacts at local universities and can suggest faculty willing to work with high school students. You can also contact the universities and ask if they have a program for high school students. Many campuses offer summer research programs for high school students, but these tend to be very expensive because they include room & board.</p>