How do SAT scores work?

I recently got my SAT scores back. I got 690 W, 720 M, and 790 R. However, I’m unsure of how the scores worked, especially for the reading section. It said I got a 790 out of 800, but it also said I got 2 answers wrong AND left 2 blank. That means I only got 63 out of 67 right. So shouldn’t my score be lower? I was under the impression that each point of the test was worth roughly 10 scaled points. Did the college board make a mistake and are my scores going to change? Does it have to do with the other people who took the test this year and as more people take it will my scores lower even more? (Idk if that’s far-fetched or something, but it just sounds familiar and I think it definitely happens for something if not the SAT.) And if this score is incorrect should I write to the college board and ask them to revise my scores? Thank you so much and I’m sorry I’m such a clueless person.

Each test is curved differently – it has to do with the difficulty and spread of the questions. College Board did not make a mistake and your scores are not going to change.