How do scholarships such as Coca Cola Burger King and Wendy Heisman know you're not lying about GPA?

I don’t want other kids to be lying

I expect applicants have to send in their HS transcript.

Can anyone confirm?

Don’t know about the ones you listed but for all outside scholarships my kids applied for an official (not copy) transcript was required. Is that not the case with these or have you not yet applied?

The most helpful reply I can provide is that you should spend your energy working on any scholarship applications for you, and not worry about what any other applicants might or might not be doing.



Sealed official transcript for my kids.

For the Heisman, my kid had to send a transcript, then his coach and teacher had to attest and sign off on his accomplishments and his application. There was also a recommendation from the school. I think he might have sent screen shots of his SAT scores as well. We also included website addresses where his accomplishments were featured. Community service hours were calculated, but no one followed up with exact hours, but my child’s involvement was well documented, and if searched or asked, he would have been ready to prove. Also, if you say, you were a national champion of X, it is easy to quickly do a search to find if true. I thought Heisman did a great job checking out validity but was trusting too.

Curious - are you not going to apply if no one here can confirm other applicants aren’t cheating?