How do schools recalculate GPA?

<p>How do top-tier schools calculate UW GPA? Do they take out electives and PE/Health?</p>

<p>^^I'm interested in this as well.</p>

<p>Most schools bring down A+'s into A's and take out Phys. Ed and some electives(not AP electives though).</p>

<p>This was actually good for me as my elective grades were my worst ones lol.</p>

<p>does A+=A=A- then?</p>

<p>A+ is usually equal to A, but (for the most part) A is not equal to A-</p>

<p>What about art classes?</p>

<p>Most places recalculate it to a 4.0 scale. But it's not a concern for all schools. For example, William and Mary does not recalculate GPA at all. </p>

<p>William</a> & Mary - Academics</p>

<p>will journalism count as an elective and not count as part of the academic GPA?
I got a b+ in it so if it does, then im ****ed.</p>