How do scores make it in time?

<p>I just took my SAT II's on October 9, and I am also applying SCEA to Stanford. The scores will come out on the 22nd, and I've requested them to be sent directly to Stanford. But dont they take three weeks to get there? How will they get there by November 1 when the app is due? They said on their website that the October SAT II was the last one they take, but how can they evaluate me if they wont have all my stuff?</p>

<p>As long as Stanford said its ok it will be fine. Just make sure all the compenent from you and your HS make the deadline.</p>

<p>they don't choose who's going to their school right when they receive the application. the process takes a while, and they'll just add the scores they receive to the evaluation process whenever they get them.</p>