How do similarities between me and someone else from my school affect my Ivy chances?

I’m kind of worried, because me and someone else from my school (in California) have almost exactly the same resume:

We both do lots of community service, are highly politically involved (do campaigning, etc…), are in student government, have really good grades (A GPA’s) and test scores, have leadership in lots of clubs, and do coding.

The only differences I have is that I’m nationally ranked in an extracurricular activity, have a life challenge to write about, probably want to major in different things, and work at a nonprofit.

Do you guys think that Ivies will compare us and only take 1 of us since we’re so similar and come from the same school or that it’s likely that they’ll look at each one of us individually and compare us to the larger pool rather than to ourselves?

In essence, do you think both of us can get into the same school, even if its an Ivy? We are of different races and he’s legacy while I’m not.