How do students eat on campus?

<p>I looked at the options on the website and it seemed like 14-per-week plan's cost and unlimited plan's cost weren't that different..
I definitely want to have 3 meals per day, everyday, and I want to save money by not going out to eat in Evanston, but if all of my friends sometimes choose to do so, I guess I'll be pressured to do the same..
Which meal plan should I choose? Will I be able to find people to eat with me if I choose to eat at on-campus dining hall every single meal? I'm genuinely worried.</p>

<p>Its pretty easy to change plans every quarter.</p>

<p>I'd start with the 14 week and if thats not enough for you then upgrade. Most people end up prioritizing sleep over breakfast pretty quickly. As for the saving money part, well, that probably wont make much of a difference because the the times your friends are going out to dinner isnt the money waster, its when you decide you want Edzos for lunch on a whim or order a pizza because you want to keep studying later.</p>



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<p>There is no awkwardness at all if you eat by yourself, esp for breakfast/lunch because people's schedules can vary a lot during the day. People might also have all kinds of stuff going on in the evening, but most people tend to set aside anytime between 5-7 for dinner. If you're going to coordinate meals, dinner is the best time to do it (at least that's what my friends and I did).</p>

<p>I'd start with the 14 and move up or down as needed. For me, the 14 was a simple 2 meals every day for seven days. Being in crew required a few wakeups, so I was sure to buy some tupperware (I switched from 13 to 14, using up my meal plan switch for the quarter) to pack food. I found that, with Sunday Night Dinners at the fraternities and such, 13 is alright, but 14 is safe. If you have classes at a time that justify breakfast, unlimited is worth the money. It's the same as a hypothetical 15 meal plan, but you get way more.</p>

<p>By the way, I've eaten out twice this last quarter while my friends went down to Evanston. Eating alone isn't a big deal, especially when you're busy.</p>