How do teachers send recommendations online???

<p>How do teachers send recommendations online to colleges and also, is there any way to send transcripts and midterms online??</p>

<p>transcripts are physical documents that atleast at my schooll have an official sealed pressed on it, so you cannot submit it online. By midterms im assuming mid year report which can be submitted online if you counselor is sending the secondary school report online also and is doing the rest of the process online. If you go to the school forms page on commonapp you can invite a teacher and type in the email, they will be sent an email on how to send a rec online.</p>

<p>Yes, some schools send the transcripts online by uploading pdf's.</p>

<p>really? I have never heard of that, when I ask my guidance counselor they say it has to be a paper copy as you can purposely change a transcript on the computer using a program.</p>

<p>Lol, you don't send it yourself, you have to invite them to a separate online system where they login on their own. Plus if you manipulated, somehow, and they later found out, you could be expelled - so no good trying that anyway.</p>