How do the calculate SAT scores?

<p>Hi everyone! I'm new, so I'm sorry if this question has been asked about a million times before. I took the SAT for the first time in May, and was disappointed with my scores because my PSAT predicted I'd get higher, and I thought I had done well. I'm just wondering exactly how the raw score is translated into the 800 scale. Here are my scores: </p>

<p>740 Critical Reading
690 Math
670 Writing (8 essay)</p>

<p>When I took the PSAT, my writing score was the best (78), so I thought that section would be my easiest. How come if I only had 3 incorrect multiple choice for writing, 4 incorrect for math (with 1 omitted), and 4 incorrect answers for reading, my scores are what they are? I'm not complaining, I just thought that each incorrect answer was only 1/4 a point off, so I should never have lost more than 1 point overall. Please enlighten me as to what the scores are multiplied by or whatever to ultimately be on the 800 scale.</p>

<p>Thanks :)</p>