How do these 3 things affect my chances at Yale?

  1. Sometimes referred to as "over-represented", Asians tend to need higher scores in top colleges to be accepted. I am Asian, but I am from an under-represented South Asian country. Will Yale still think that I am "just another Asian" or that I am a URM? A mix?
  2. I got the highest score in the world on the Robotics Achievement Test once. It is at the Global Conference on Educational Robotics, where teams compete in Botball and KIPR competitions, and seminars are held with highly esteemed professors. However, only about 500 robotics students actually take the Robotics Achievement Test, but they are experienced robotics students from all over the world. How would Yale see this? Would it still be held at as high esteem as another international prize, or would it's lack of popularity affect that it is a global award?
  3. I want to help people around the world on a large scale. I have an idea on how to accomplish this: I want to be the CEO of a company that develops innovative solutions for tomorrow's problems. I feel so passionate about this that I have created a blueprint of how my company will function. Should I send this as my supplemental material, or should I just stick to sending a blueprint of an innovative technology that I have envisioned instead of a company that will make these technologies. If I sent the company one, would Yale see me as a buttkisser just wanting to improve my chances or someone with serious potential who wants to actually make a difference?


  1. Honestly, it probably won't harm you, but I don't think it will help you either. College admissions officers likely see the similarities between you and other Asians
  2. This is really cool! It will definitely boost your application, if you show that you are really passionate about robotics and that your hard work paid off through this award.
  3. I really don't know about this one. I'll leave this to some of the more experienced users. Good luck!
  1. To my knowledge they tend to lump Asians into one large group (which does mean you will be competing with an over-represented pool). Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong though.
  2. There is a place for you to put achievements/awards on your app. Definitely don't sell yourself short just because it was only 500 people. I would include the award.
  3. I would focus on the "innovative technology" over the (at this moment) non-existent company. Who doesn't want to be the CEO of some corporation? If you don't actually have the company started but you have technology blueprints personally I think it sounds a bit like a stretch to talk about the company. Some colleges might not have a place for a supplement of blueprints to be turned in. You could consider writing your personal statement about your interest in leveraging innovative solutions to world problems. Make sure to extend outside of just the technicalities in this case to really show what it means about you.