How do top colleges view ACT scores, SAT scores? Superscoring or averaging?

<p>How do colleges view ACT/SAT scores? Do they consider every score on every test and average? Do they just pick the best scores in each area? Is there a difference between the way they view SAT and the way they view ACT scores?</p>

<p>Any information in this regard would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>For puposes of determining admission, majority superscore SAT and thus use highest subscores from multiple tests; minority use that test with highest composite. As to ACT, it is the opposite: majority use that test with highest composite and a minority superscore. There is no college that averages scores.</p>

<p>Most (if not all) colleges take the stand that they show no preference as to whether you submit ACT or SAT scores. They are supposed to be test-blind, and there is no evidence to show otherwise.</p>

<p>The rule of thumb is usually send your best one, or if they're close you can report both.</p>