How Do Top Colleges View Dual Enrollment Classes?

Hey guys. This is just going to be a quick question: Do colleges view AP and Dual Enrollment classes as the same rigor? From what I have been told, my high school weighs dual enrollment classes with the same weight AND rigor as AP classes. However, I have been told that most colleges see Dual Enrollment classes to not be as rigorous as AP classes, and that they even see DE classes to be easier than an honors class. Is this really how colleges like Holy Cross, Fordham, Lehigh, Baylor, Purdue, UMiami, and other top 50s view DE classes? Would it be better to take an honors class in order to make my courseload seem rigorous?

It depends on what the DE class is. Miltivariable Calculus is rightly viewed as more rigorous than College Algebra.

It depends on the college, as each college has it’s own policies, and it also depends how/where the dual enrollment is taught and by whom. D20 was able to take several DE courses but they were all taught in her high school by high school teachers and not viewed as having the same rigor as an AP class. Like skieurope said it also depends on the course.

The class is Sports Management.

Based on your posting history, your GPA is 3.1 on a 5.0 scale. You are trying to make up for a low GPA by taking a rigorous HS course load.

What you should be trying to do is retake any grades below C and then work on getting good grades your Junior year to show an upward grad trend. I would focus on rigorous HS classes where you know you an excel rather than taking DE courses.

A Sports management course would be viewed as an elective and top schools are looking for good grades in rigorous core classes: English, Math, Science, Foreign Language etc… not on elective courses.

You need to focus on schools where your current stats will make you a competitive applicant vs. trying to make your stats fit schools where you have little chance of being accepted.

Sorry to be so blunt but you have numerous threads telling you the same thing. Buckle down Junior year and excel in the required core classes needed to apply to college and graduate HS.

Sports management is not a demonstration of rigor. It is not even an academic discipline—it’s a career-training class.

Examples of rigorous dual enrollment classes: organic chemistry, multivariate calculus, Greek literature in the original Greek.