How do transfer credits work (AP/IB/AICE and Dual Enrollment)

This might be a silly question and I’m not sure if this is the right section for this thread but…

I’m a high school student and I should be graduating high school with 45 AP/IB/AICE credits and 15 dual enrollment credits from a community college. This equals 60 college credits which is the same amount needed for an associates degree, so does this mean that I will apply and enroll to college as a junior? Or do I have to see if the college accepts all of the credits or only some? I’m asking because I know that if you get an AA you can for sure transfer as a junior.

You apply for freshman admission.

You send transcripts from your HS and your CC to the colleges where you apply. (Actually, that depends a bit; see what the individual colleges want.) Typically, after you choose where to attend, you have your AP/IB/AICE scores and dual-enrollment credits sent to them, and they accept the ones that qualify according to their rules. You can check their policies before you decide where to attend, in case that makes a difference.

Some of the credits you get will apply to your degree program, and some won’t. If you have enough accepted credits to be a sophomore or a junior in credits, that usually gets you some sort of preference when registering for classes. That can be really valuable if classes fill up quick! Depending on whether your degree program requires a lot of the same classes you took, you may or may not be able to graduate early. For example, if you decide to major in physics or engineering, but your dual enrollment classes don’t include the freshman classes for majors in your field, you will still have a 4-year sequence ahead of you. So, you could be a junior by credit units and working mostly on freshman-level classes to start.