<p>hey I found a school in england that i would love to attend to go, are there any programs for students in the US to get so that they can get financial aid?</p>

<p>Will FAFSA do it?</p>

<p>I'm not sure about US policies on that sort of thing, I guess student loans should still be made available to you no matter where you study. UK universities all have their separate awards and financial aid tho, for things like research, academic achievement, hardship.... look up the university website of that uni you like so much, they should explain any financial aid. Which university would it be? Some universities are more generous than others.</p>

<p>Some advice if u want to study in england, outside oxbridge (which are unlike any other UK/US unis) Foreign applicants have always been viewed as a way to make money. Thus there are few scholarships to be had, those that are there are horrendously competitive. You will almost certainly be better of getting funding in the US. On the bright side this same reasoning means that the entry req. for foreign students in most UK unis is considerably lower than the ones quoted for home students.</p>

<p>You must remember that if you apply to a school outside of the U.S. you will be treated as an international student. My suggestion is to research the instituition to see how they treat internationals and what if any aid is availale.</p>

<p>If it is like being an international applying to a US school, it may be a very competitive field, where the ability to pay will be taken into consideration, in addition they may not meet 100% of your financial need.</p>

<p>There are not many scholarships available in the UK at undergrad level, but the situation is quite different at the postgrad level. For most research programs, there is the ORS awards, which is quite substantial, and covers nearly all of the fees. There are also numerous funding at the departmental/university levels. The best bet for undergrad funding is ... to find a private sponsor! :)</p>