How do UC’s and CSU’s handle DE courses for GPA/Application purposes?

Hi Gumbymom – do you know how our student is supposed to treat a summer dual enrollment class at a community college (it’s one that would count for college credit). I read somewhere that some schools (maybe it’s CSUs?) treat DE classes as a full year course, but for summer that doesn’t make sense to me. So should she be counting her A at Berkeley City College as one semester with one honors point in the calculation? (taken between sophomore and junior year during the summer – feels like a 6 week class getting a full semester’s worth of credit is sort of crazy, but I guess that’s how it works?!)

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For DE/CC/College courses, regardless of length, if they are UC transferable 1 semester course = 1 honors point the UC GPA calculation.

Note: one college course earns one grade and one honors point in the GPA calculation, even though the single course may meet one year or more of a high school subject area.

For the CSU’s, DE information is linked below:

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@Gumbymom Are DE classes treated same as Honors/AP classes for UC GPA calculation i.e graded on 5 point scale. (A in DE class gets 5.0 )

Does this apply even when it’s a 1 unit course? S23 is going to end up with several 1 unit college courses on his transcript (2 years of music ensemble, plus introduction to engineering). The courses are UC/CSU transferable, and the counselor says that they will appear on his HS transcript.

DE courses that are UC transferable get 1 extra honors point in the GPA calculation if taken the summer after 9th through the summer prior to 12th.

CSU Honors points are capped at 8 semesters while the UC’s will have the capped weighted (8 semester cap) and the fully weighted (unlimited semester cap).

You treat the grades as follows:
A= 4
B= 3
C= 2
D= 1
F= 0

You add up all the grades and then add 1 point for each semester of the AP/UC approved Honors and DE courses taken during the above specified GPA calculation period.

An easy calculator is here: GPA Calculator for the University of California – RogerHub

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On the UC website regarding DE courses, here is what is considered for the Honors points:

College course guidelines for a-g courses:
• The college holds U.S. regional accreditation;
• The course is UC-transferable (exceptions for English and math only);
• The course is worth at least 3 semester or 4 quarter units (each);
• The course clearly falls within an A-G subject area; and,
• The course is taken for a letter grade, and a grade of C or better is earned.

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Thanks! I was just reading through the UC reference guide for HS counselors, and I found the same statement, plus more great info!

I probably got this link from one of your posts:

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College courses need to be at least 3 semester units or 4 quarter units to be usable to fulfill a-g subject requirements, but it is not obvious from the below linked pages how (or if) they are used for recalculating GPA for UC admissions purposes.

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Thanks @ucbalumnus! Maybe you were the source of that link I just posted, too :slight_smile:

I realized the intro to engineering class is inherently a pass fail course (it’s UCB’s 1 unit class for undecided COE freshmen), so it wouldn’t affect GPA in any case.

I don’t know how the 1-unit music ensemble class will affect GPA (I see on the transcript that it has a grade of A), I think all I can hope is that it won’t dilute capped GPA and push S23 under some threshold.

You can contact UC admissions for confirmation but since the UC GPA is based on grades earned in a-g courses and the UC website states that for College courses to be considered a-g they need to be 3-4 units, I would think that 1 unit courses are excluded from the Honors point bump in the UC GPA calculation. They may not be calculated into the GPA based on this criteria?

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