How do universities get super scores - do they get subsections?

I want to super score 2 SAT exams. In one of the exams (exam 2), I got -1 on the reading and -3 on the writing. On the other exam (exam 1), I got -3 on the reading and -0 on the writing.

Will universities be able to see that I got -1 on the reading when I submit a super score, even if I want to use exam 1 for super score because my composite reading and writing score was higher?

Raw scores/number of questions correct/incorrect are irrelevant. These are equated to the 200-800 scale so the relatively difficult of a test is accounted for. Schools don’t receive raw scores, as they would serve no purpose.

All recipients will receive the EBRW and Math component scores for every test (and all 4 sections of the ACT) and will superscore among them, if the school superscores.

The composite reading and writing score is the (Reading Subsection Score * 10) + (Writing Subsection Score * 10). The Reading and Writing portions of the exam are most definitely graded on a different scale.

When I try making a score report, though, it shows the different subsections. For example, for my most recent exam, it shows this:
39 Reading, 34 Writing and Language, and 39.5 Math
Will colleges be able to see the score report for both of the exams that I am super scoring?

The scores that you submit are the SAT section scores (EBRW and Math) which are between 200-800, and composite between 400 and 1600…those are on the Score Overview tab of your CB account. I don’t think the schools see the numbers from the Score Details page, which is what I think you are referencing above (reading, W&L and Math).

For schools that allow self-reporting you will put your highest section score for EBRW and Math in the common app (or whatever app you are using). These schools will never see the official score reports (or all section scores) because you don’t have to send them (until matriculation at some schools).

For schools that superscore and require official scores, they will see all of your composite and section subscores from the test sittings that you choose to send (unless the school requires all scores).

@qq2565 I suspect that those subscores may be included in official reports. However, colleges do not superscore at the level of the reading subscore and the writing subscore. They superscore only whole sections, the highest EBRW score out of 800 with the highest math score out of 800. Extremely few colleges look at the separate reading and writing subscores; I can think of a couple of exceptions, but it is not the norm.

Keep in mind that official reports are received by the college electronically and the college’s computer system would then populate fields in the applicant’s electronic file from the report, but may not use all of the information contained in the report. Typically, admission officers are not looking at the report itself with their own eyes.

Notice that a great many colleges now accept scores self-reported in the Common App. The app only has room for your highest section scores out of 800 (essentially, superscoring, as the app does not ask for SAT composite). No subscores whatsoever. Do check your colleges’ websites before spending money on official reports.

No, they’re not. Both are converted from a Raw Score to a 10-40 scale.

This is also completely different than the -1, -3, etc. numbers in your original question.

But the answer is the same - schools receive and look at your converted, equated, 200-800 score for the two sections and superscore between sets of those two numbers (assuming they superscore at all)