how do white girls feel about asian guys?

<p>I'm just a little curious. Do they ever feel like they can go out with one, do they think the stereotypes (nerdy, not well endowed, cant drive) things like that affect how they feel about them? Find them attractive? etc etc.</p>

<p>i never thought i'd see this thread again.....of all the threads that are repeated and repeated and repeated every couple months....didnt think this would be the one</p>

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<p>I'm sure lots of white girls would find asian men attractive. I am a white girl and I happen to not, but it's personal preference, and of course there will be some who will.</p>

<p>Depends on the guy. The guy that plays Jin on Lost (Daniel Dae Kim) is hot. My chemistry tutor, not so much. It's like asking how do I feel about white guys, or black guys. Everyone is different. There are hot white guys and ugly ones, hot black guys and ugly ones, and hot Asian guys and ugly ones.</p>

<p>Why must we bring race into everything? I totally agree with you, AUlostchick...everyone is different. All White girls are not hard wired to like or hate Asian guys.</p>

<p>Of course, some people will follow along with stereotypes...I don't think anyone will care if you can't drive that well...but yes, some people think Asians are nerdy...however, if you're not nerdy, then don't worry so much about it...if the girl is going to judge you on your race, she's not worth it.</p>

<p>i think the real question is:</p>

<p>do white girls find the stereotypical asian guy attractive?</p>

<p>you know, the skinny, eye glass wearing, bad at sports... but smart dude</p>

<p>Can someone tell me when white girls became the standard? Seriously.</p>

<p>^proton & jaso9n2...ITA with your statements.</p>

<p>Most white girls don't like Asian guys.
Don't forget the fact that white female/black male couples are more common.</p>

<p>For white girls
White guys>black guys>Asian guys.</p>

<p>Most girls judge a guy on invididual basis ,anway,Asian just happen to perform worse on average.</p>

<p>flong, why exactly are you asking this question? Are you interested in a certain girl or white girls in general (is that your preference)?

Most girls judge a guy on invididual basis ,anway,Asian just happen to perform worse on average


Agreed. The stereotypes the OP mentioned are not true for every Asian, but I would say many Asians are somewhat studious and they most definitely are the worst endowed on average (along with Native Americans).</p>

<p>of course white girls dont like asian boys. if they liked asian boys, they would have mated with them before coming out of africa and we would not have asians or whites. we would have asian/white mixes--we would have an entirely different race.</p>

<p>Oh no I already have an asian GF hahaha. I was really just curious because I went to a school that was like 70 percent asian and alot of the white girls I had known/been friends with were used to them. Going to the midwest or places where it isnt that asian populated I was just curious to see how they felt about them and what stereotypes stuck. </p>

<p>It really isnt a thing about my wanting to hook up with a white girl if I become single. Attraction is based on not only looks but personality and confidence and whether or not there is a white girl who would hate to date me cuz im Korean there will be one who will be open minded about it. I guess its more or less are they accepting of them as they would a fellow white male, see them in the same light, give them the same opportunities. I went to my M orientation recently and a few of the white girls gave me a few long stares. I was not sure if they were like "Wow its a yellow person" or what but the thread's really about curiosity. If some are offended or feel this is a trivial thread im sorry but I just wanted to know since I'll be facing a huge reversal from going to majority to minority.</p>

<p>lol at this post. develop some game and talk--all girls are different.</p>

I guess its more or less are they accepting of them as they would a fellow white male, see them in the same light, give them the same opportunities.

Most people are going to have a race's just natural. People are naturally attracted to people like them. I don't think anyone can demand someone to change their rules of attraction because everyone has different rules...there are no standards...I'm saying this because some people think it's wrong for a member of a certain race to not be attracted to another member of a different race, but that's how humans are.</p>

<p>As for the midwest, I've lived in the midwest my entire life and I can say that the attitude towards Asians here is not different than that of California except that there just aren't as many here...however, no one is going to be taken aback to see an Asian in the midwest.</p>

<p>ah i c okay thanks haha</p>

<p>I don't know that everyone has a race bias. I'm pretty open to guys of any race as long as I find you attractive in some way. I was completely head over flipping heels in love with my ex, who's Hispanic. He was the first guy I ever really dated, too. I personally would rather be with someone who looks alot different than me. It's one of the things that attracted me to my ex. (I'm very fair skinned and he's rather dark, for one.)</p>

<p>I find them wicked attractive!</p>

<p>It depends on the persons personality.</p>

<p>"Can someone tell me when white girls became the standard? Seriously."</p>


<p>Everyone has bias. I don't dig fat chicks, for example.</p>

<p>Asian guys who are mixed w/ white are hot.</p>