how do you American guys study SAT?

<p>i am not an native speaker nor do i live in the states. In my country, vocabulary will be a great difficulties to crack the SAT critical reading. hence, we have something called Barron's word list including 3500 high-frequency words. we all found it to be quite useful. ..</p>

<p>How do you guys improve your SAT? do you also need to recite some awkward words for the prep of CR? i suppose it would be quite easy for Americans to score high on reading since there is no such problem of vocabulary...</p>

Barron's word list including 3500 high-frequency words.


I am not a big aficionado of Barron's vocab.</p>

<p>Buy DirectHits 2010 Edition. Those books simply own. After you've done that, and if you're a voracious student who wants even more words, then you can look at Barron's too.</p>

<p>Use Direct Hits.</p>

<p>Direct Hits is much more efficient than the Barron's list. Also, try to do one reading passage a day (at least) from the BB.</p>

<p>Read good books. I've never touched a vocab/SAT prep book and I managed 800s on CR and Writing. I'm not an American citizen, so I can sympathize with your situation, but i find that rote memorization fails where learning vocab in context succeeds.</p>

<p>To tell you the truth, many Americans don't know the harder vocab words either.</p>

<p>The main difference between DH and Barron's 3500 is efficiency. 400ish words in DH score just a little bit lower than the 3500, if not the same. So it's a lot better time spent.</p>

<p>Also, go online and just read English News, such as The</a> New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia. It helps.</p>

<p>IMO, foreigners actually have a better chance of doing well of Writing because they haven't developed weird regional idiosyncrasies. Just learn the rules.</p>

<p>isn't that 400 words on DH too few? i mean for me international student with some level of everyday English and only a little academic languages...verbal section always makes tougher for me...</p>

<p>sn't that 400 words on DH too few?especially for us international student?...will it be sufficient?</p>

<p>If your vocabulary is bad, you might as well study the 3500 word list. But don't expect a lot of those words to be in the vocabulary questions. A lot of them could be in the passages, though. It is good to know a lot of vocabulary if your English isn't that good.</p>