How do you answer a 'what will you contribute to the community' question?

<p>This is a frequently reoccurring short-answer question in my applications. I know that I'm an optimistic, creative, compassionate and enthusiastic person, but how do I say that without coming across as snobby and stuck up? Also, what exactly does they school expect us to contribute? Like community service hours, or leadership qualities or something esle? Please help, I'm really stuck on this one! :(</p>

<p>There are other places to list your ec's, community service, etc. so in my opinion, they're looking for something that will make you different from others in the classroom or on the playing fields--some way that your life experience will help you enrich others' ways of thinking or doing. </p>

<p>Think in more concrete terms; what has shaped your compassion, creativity, etc.? This could be something in the way you've been brought up or a challenge you've faced individually or in your family. This gets back to the passion issue--what do you feel you have experienced or felt more deeply than others your age? Again, though, explain not just what it is but why and where it has come from.</p>

<p>There is nothing intrinsically "snobby or stuck up" about being an "optimistic, creative, compassionate and enthusiastic person". IMO, you are going to have get over possibly projecting negatives in your app if you are going to cover the positives in any meaningful way.</p>

<p>When I think about the young people I know, I see many who can get in funks and ruts...they get into "No, not interested." un-engaged phases. Maybe one of your missions at whatever BS you end up at is to NOT be that person ever. To be the one who cheers people up after a tough test or bad news from home. Who is first on the spectator bus to the big away games. Who reaches out to those kids who seem to be isolating/insulating themselves too much.</p>

<p>thank you classicalmama and SevenDad.Today at school, I actually asked my guidance counsellor the same question, and you guys answers were more helpful! You gave me some ideas of my own too... :)</p>