How do you choose a school?

<p>I've been accepted into all of the schools I've applied to so far. And it is likely that I will get into the last few as well (since I only applied to target schools). I'm beginning to realize that I have a lot options to choose from. Money is not a huge issue, because many of the schools I applied to have offered scholarships, and were not super expensive to start with. </p>

<p>So with all of that being said! What factors should I look at when choosing a school (other than money)?</p>

<p>I'm a little torn between a 4,000 student LAC in NC and a large state school in New England. </p>

<p>I also can't decide how close I want to be to home :/ help!</p>

<p>could you pls tell us the names of the schools and what you’d like to major in? if there is more than one possible major, could you tell us one or two of them?</p>

<p>could you also tell us what your must-haves and don’t-care-abouts are? where is home?</p>

<p>Sorry that was such a vague post! I’m a little overwhelmed. I avoided posting names just because people can be biased/judgemental!</p>

<p>My top choices are Elon (Accepted), UConn, and possibly Syracuse.
I have been accepted to: UVM, Quinnipiac, Emerson, High Point, University of South Carolina. I’m also waiting to hear back from Champlain College.</p>

<p>I want to major in some area of Communications, but I’m also considering Communications Design (UConn and Syracuse).</p>

<p>I live in Vermont, I originally wanted to go down south, but was concerned about being too far away. I fell in love with Elon when I visited, but am concerned about the distance… I also really like UConn and Syracuse. I really just want a traditional, well rounded college. But I also want one with a good reputation for strong academics.</p>

<p>Congratulations on your acceptances. You could be happy at all of these schools, given the little bit you’ve told me about your wants. Elon is a quite popular school these days, and my D’s friend (from suburban MD) has learned to love Leon after a couple months of frosh adjustment to southern living. South Carolina and UNC are also beloved of many students from this area, which has a strong northern liberal population. </p>

<p>What do you think of using these two markers for making a choice or beginning to eliminate schools to which you’ve been accepted? Cost to you and your parents and quality of the School of C? </p>

<p>In the case of cost, UVT probably comes out on top, yes? Or, if you have great grades and scores, perhaps you could take advantage of South Carolina’s generous OOS merit awards. </p>

<p>In terms of quality of School of C, it’s probably Syracuse, no? Followed by UNC, which is among the more expensive and difficult schools to attend. Emerson has been good for a long time. UConn is one of the only ACEJMC-accredited schools in New England, but again you’d need to run the calculator to get a cost. Quinnipiac has been getting a lot of good press lately. i don’t know High Point. Champlain seems to offer a good education, but I don’t know it for comm.</p>

<p>Because I don’t like running up a lot of debt to major in a field which doesn’t promise employment with a high salary, and in a field where you might want to go on to an advanced degree, I’m a big fan of minimal u/g debt. I don’t know your finances, but graduating without much debt is always a good thing. Let’s see what others say, OP.</p>

<p>Well as I listed above, money is not a huge issue. The only school that will be really expensive is Syracuse, assuming I get no merit money. I didn’t receive any merit money for Emerson, so that will be 50k… My parents are comfortable paying around 40k a year and at this point most of my schools are around 40k or less after scholarships. UVM doesn’t even have a department for the major I want, it’s not well known, and it’s marginally cheaper than some of the other schools I’ve gotten into…</p>