How do you convert UW GPA to W GPA?!

<p>Enough has been asked...</p>

<p>Different HSs weight courses differently, but at mine this is how it works:</p>

<p>CP class A=4.0
Honors class A=4.33
AP class A=4.67</p>

<p>CP class A-=3.67
Honors class A-=4.0
AP class A-=4.33</p>

<p>and so on, so basically just add .33 to honors and .67 to AP and then average them again</p>

<p>what about IB?</p>

<p>We don't have IB but I'd assume it would get the same weight as AP</p>

<p>really? from everything I hear IB's a tougher curriculum</p>

<p>EDIT: would an amazing IB Diploma mark overshadow your GPA? Because I wasn't trying in school grades 8-10, so my marks hovered around an A (but that's only 86% here)..I'm hoping that if I get maybe 40/45 on the Diploma it'll wipe out my gpa? maybe?</p>