How do you de-stress your household?

<p>Things are getting stressful around here. Objectively, everything has been done that needs to be done--D has a college list made up of reaches, matches, and safeties & she likes just about all the colleges on her list; she's not having second thoughts about her love for her ED choice; the work due for various deadlines is under control; she likes her classes & her teachers; we're even planning a vacation that has nothing to do with visiting colleges. But she's still stressed, and, consequently, so am I. I leafed through some of my feng shui books this morning, figuring that maybe bells on her door will bring her good fortune; I think she already has a dragon on her desk, though I'll have to check. Any other de-stressing suggestions? Thanks.</p>

<p>Going on the vacation and pretty soon is going to help your family. So is the Thanksgiving weekend unless you have an elaborate meal planned. My son and I love to go to Princeton to see indy movies, we used to do that during Senior year....just go out on a weekend and have a good time for an hour or two. He also hung out with his friends and de-stressed.</p>

<p>For me personally, the best way to reduce stress is to sleep on a weekend afternoon. What a luxury!</p>

<p>And another idea for reducing stress is not to go shopping. You have no idea how little I shopped during son's senior year. I don't like shopping as such and to shop while under stress is even worse.</p>

<p>We play cards, ride bikes or watch a favorite movie. Monty Python and the Holy Grail is always a crowd pleaser.</p>

<p>Doing something physical and trying to empty one's mind of whatever has been inducing stress.
S definitely would go for Monty Python! He and his chums have the scripts practically memorized.</p>

<p>Take the extra hour we're getting next weekend (turning the clocks back) and enjoy yourselves. Ride a bike, bake, read for fun, rake leaves, go to a swimming pool, get a massage, go to a sporting event - the only stressful thing will be deciding how to spend that extra hour.</p>

<p>95% of stress involves Marching Band. The band master is our common enemy, so we gossip about him.</p>

<p>my 14 yr old and I have just started taking yoga. I was going to a gym that had free yoga classes as part of membership, but unfortunately they don't allow kids under 18.
I would highly suggest yoga or any strenuous physical activity to relieve stress and anxiety. ( plus you feel so virtuous!)</p>

<p>also funny mvies are great, one of oour favorites has been a fish called wanda, but looking for a new fave to add.</p>

<p>Fall of senior year is stressful for <em>everyone</em> in the family! Sounds like your daughter is handling the process very well in terms of her college application deadlines. </p>

<p>When we were going through the college search/selection/application steps, both my daughter and I realized we were making each other crazy with the stress. We agreed to discuss colleges & applications <em>only</em> during a weekly lunch, at the restaurant of her choice. It took a great deal of pressure off both of us, and we could discuss issues in a neutral territory. And we both love to eat, so it was fun trying different restaurants!</p>

If you like Monty Python, seek out Fawlty Towers, starring John Cleese . Or you could go for Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton.</p>

<p>The smell of cookies baking, soft jazz playing in the background....create an ambiance of calm.</p>

<p>We have "quiet times" -- mandated half hours of quiet and reflection every random so often.</p>

<p>I like this topic. Th stress of the fall of senior year is compounded by the shortening of days and the slight depression that can come with the lack of sunlight (whateve that's called). I try to keep lots of lights on in the house......not the overhead ceiling light, but the lamps. It feels better when the TV is off (peaceful), so we don't turn it on unless it's for something specific. We have several waterfalls (feng shui), which create a peaceful sound and keep the energy flowing. We also have crystals that hang - not in the bedrooms, but collect the negative energy. One in each room, near the window. </p>

<p>Like you, we've got a vacation on the radar. We're leaving the country on 12/15 and won't return until just before school starts in Jan. So, by hook or crook, we will NOT be working on apps over Winter break. They all need to be done before we leave.....and hopefully we'll have a positive ED decision by then and can be done with it. The vacation plans aren't helping us to de-stress right now, but will surely help us feel better after 12/15.</p>

<p>Try a Marx Brothers double feature: Night at the Opera, Day at the Races, Coconuts, Capt. Spaulding. Used to work for me. A few of the scenes where Harpo takes over can drive almost anything out of one's mind.</p>

<p>Mel Brooks. "Blazing Saddles" is a comic masterpiece. That movie could NEVER be made today. It is so politically incorrect. And "The Producers", of course, with Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder. Rent "Bananas," one of Woody Allen's early works, if you've never seen it. It's a stitch, as are "Love and Death" and "Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Sex...".</p>

<p>These are all wonderful ideas, and we've already instituted some of them. Our vacation and Thanksgiving are going to coincide, Achat, with the vacation going a couple of days longer than the school break. We'll have the family dinner before we leave. And we have a great plan, thanks to flatlander: as soon as the common app is totally done and sent off to the ED school, we will have one college-free week, with no talking of colleges or applications or admissons allowed. We are all very much looking forward to that week. D is thrilled with the idea of yoga and other ways of using her body rather than her brain for a change. And I can't wait to get to the video store on Friday and check out the comedy section. We're all much more relaxed already!</p>

<p>Well, we live in Indiana so we play euchre...I think it's state mandated!</p>

<p>Put some beauty in your life. Start with Mozart playing in the background.</p>

<p>yes!! I find I don't feel as tired at the end of the day when I'm listening to classical music.</p>

<p>I KNEW there was a reason I bought a new cd player for the room I spend the most time in!</p>