How Do You Defer an Acceptance?

<p>I was accepted early to Brown, and (I decided upon this before I even applied) I want to defer my enrollment, but I'm confused as to what I actually need to do.</p>

<p>In the acceptance package there was a vague comment; it basically said that I had to send a letter to the associate dean to secure the deferment.</p>

<p>I want to take a year off to travel/write/mature...are these "adequate" reasons? I'm assuming that not everyone who asks for a deferment gets one, so what separates those who get deferments from those who do not? Any advice as to what my letter to the dean should contain? I guess I'm just addled about the whole process; thanks for your time and help.</p>

<p>Slicker, I think each of your reasons is excellent and would be sufficient unto itself. I believe Harvard, for example, even encourages accepted students to take a "gap" year -- and found in a study that those students who did so performed significantly better as undergrads.</p>

<p>My advice would be to write the letter, including whatever details of your plans you know, and await a response. Dollars to donuts I'd bet they say simply, "Fine, we'll see you in 9/06."</p>

<p>Be prepared to be very specific with your plans and to make clear how you think your gap year program will help you achieve your goals for the year. You do not need actual program names (if you are doing this now), but something more specific than travel/write/mature...I would guess. Remember, they accepted you "as you are" and you don't want them questioning for a second that "as you are" is also "just fine."</p>

<p>It is important to keep up your grades 2nd semester, and if you do apply for a gap year I think it is even more important...</p>

<p>I am being cautionary because my 1st cousin's daughter had a very trying experience with this at another Ivy. It all worked out fine, but go in to it well prepared...</p>

<p>jyber209: Thanks; I'm optimistic about Brown's letting me take a gap year; I just hope the school is as encouraging as Harvard is.</p>

<p>robyrm: Thanks for your response. How specific do you think I should be? As for traveling, I want to live in London (family friend lives there), see Poet's corner, historic sights, develop independence, etc for a few months. For writing/maturing, I don't quite know as of yet how I'm going to elaborate.</p>

<p>I'm doing my best to get the highest grades possible.</p>

<p>Do you mind if I ask which Ivy your 1st cousin's daughter had her trying experience with? Just curious as to how different schools take to deferring admission (I agree with jyber that Harvard, based on stories I've heard, is encouraging).</p>

<p>Agree with Robrym. Your current descriptions, including London, sound like a vacation plan. Permission to defer is like every other bit of the app process, adcom needs to be persuaded, (adcom currently working 12 to 14 hour days for not a lot of money, btw). </p>

<p>Do some research and put together a GAP year plan. What are your interests?</p>

<p>If you got in early, you are certainly qualified to do a bit of planning!</p>

<p>Interesting question; my D's ED school said specifically that ED students could NOT defer their admission by a year...</p>

<p>Are there specific requirements for a deferall? What I mean by this, is if my son decided to defer a year, does he need to provide specifics or can he merely say he has numerous possiblities open, which include this that and the other. (work, travel, volunteer work)</p>