How do you do this?

<p>The average (arithmetic mean) of the test scores of a class of p students is 70, and the average of the test scores of a class of n students is 92. When the scores of both classes are combined, the average score is 86. What is the value of p/n?</p>

<p>This is a student produced response question</p>

<p>Well the easiest way is to plug in random values for p and n until you get an average of 86 (note that there must be more N). However if you are feeling audacious and want to actually do work then read ahead! :D</p>

<p>So you want to find the average and make it equal 86.
So if you do 70 (p) X 92 (n) / (n + p) = 86
Solve around and you get 16 p = 6 n
Now you know the students and go do it!</p>