How do you dress when you’re mostly at home or retired?

I am normally a working professional, and I dress fairly professionally, and always business casual or better for work.
Since I’ve been home during COVID19, I haven’t worn much other than joggers/yoga pants and comfortable and/or athletic material shirts I would not wear to work. Normally I wouldn’t even wear this attire to go out on errands unless I was planning on hitting the gym or taking a walk while out.
Occasionally I will put on jeans and a nicer shirt.
If it were warmer I’d be living in Casual shorts and t-shirts.
I’m wondering what people who spend more time at home and aren’t working wear normally, both at home and when going out, not to fancy affairs, but while doing errands, attending meetings, volunteering, etc.

I generally wear workout clothes if I’m home. I walk everywhere so I don’t dress up to run errands. If I’m going to meetings or volunteering, jeans and a nice top. I had to buy work clothes before the stay at home order went into effect for my new job!

Sounds like you and I might have the same stylist @1214mom ! :slight_smile: I have moved from hoodies to t-shirts and considered yesterday a “dressy” day when I had on nicer leggings (instead of running pants or joggers) and a top that wasn’t a hoodie. We moved from business casual (emphasis on the “casual” with lots of company logo wear) to jeans permitted (dress for your day) a couple of months before WFH started due to the virus. I put on earrings about every other day- especially if I have video meetings- but really am surprised at myself about how much I’ve abandoned any pretense at fashion. I loved my casual work wardrobe and miss wearing my Rothys and fun dresses- but not enough to wear them around the house!

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I haven’t worked since early September. I get dressed every day in jeans and a nice top. Since I don’t get to see anyone other than H now, though, I do wear t-shirts instead of nicer tops.

I am still in my cashmere and other knit dresses but I don’t wear tights at home. Just cozy socks and slippers. Just before the WFH started, little kid got away with my Uggs. I need to get a pair! :slight_smile: I miss wearing my snazzy shoe collection!

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Jeans, t-shirt or similar not particularly “nice” shirt, and when it’s cooler, a fleece over it.

This is my regular at home wear. I save nicer clothes for work or church. The ponies and my family don’t give a hoot what I wear. My jeans are the comfortable types - not the going out with any special desired look type.

Sometimes I’ll change shirts when I go to the grocery store, sometimes not. It depends on how “not nice” it is (stains, etc). Around here (quite rural) folks don’t care, or if they do, they keep it to themselves. I think 99% of people wear what is comfortable to them.

I still work full time but am now WTH for the time being.


The worst I’ve done since working at home is leggings and a hoody. Not ratty ones. :slight_smile:

Today I’m wearing nicer leggings, an Athleta not workout top and an Athleta long soft cardigan and loafers.

At work I’m a skirt/skort/dress girl (with leggings/tights in the winter) and a extra layer cardigan or casual jacket if needed. Still a lot of notes of Athleisure in my look even at work. But nothing sloppy!

Edited to say that when the weather is warm and on weekends I will be wearing lighter tshirts and shorts or an Athleisure skort. I have LOTS of these skorts!


Now if I don’t go out of the house I’ll wear my comfiest sweats but I’d never go outside in them, well maybe to pick up the mail. The trick is not to wear them so much without washing them that they stand up in the corner by themselves. The only time I put on a bra is for a video with friends. Although I do put on concealer, mascara and blush every day just so I don’t scare myself walking past a mirror! Before SIP to go out of the house I’d put on nice jeans and pants and a nice top, in the warmer months I’d wear easy flowy athletic type dresses.

Hate to admit this but some days lately I stay in pj’s. I live in a small apartment. If I go out of course I change into yoga pants, t-shirt and cardigan. My version of make up is chapstick :slight_smile:


I have technical pants that are some synthetic plus jeggings. When I used to have in person meetings, I’d wear a nice dress or ponte pants or dark wash denim, depending on whether I’d be schlepping gear and also expected air conditioning temperature.

I do not wear dresses when I’m expecting it to be cold—covered shoes and socks plus slacks and top and warm wrap of some sort is what I wear when it’s an all day indoor A/C cold event—no sense getting a chill (cold gives me hives, literally).

Since I don’t work outside the home, I’m dressing the same as always.

My daily uniform: loose, black, long sleeved, mid calf length, shift dress in wool, velvet, silk, or linen, depending on temps. And until it’s really warm out, a long black duster or sweater coat, in one of those materials, over the dress. Although I have nicer house shoes, I usually end up in black uggs because I’m very cold natured. When I go out several times a day for walks, I change to garden clogs. I try not to wear my outside shoes in the house and vice-versa because we live in the country and it can get pretty messy.

It feels like wearing a nightgown and robe. But I’m not.

Our office is very casual. I m mostly wear jeans. Since I’ve been working from home I’ve been wearing linen trousers mostly. Every time I go home to visit my brother in London I buy a couple of pairs at Marks and Spencer. They are comfy (elasticated waists) and cool. More so than jeans. And as I’m at home I don’t worry about the creases. I even mail ordered a couple of new pairs. I may start wearing them for work.

I’ve made a point of getting dressed every day before I start work rather than sitting round in my PJs. It seems to help my mind set. a couple of times I didn’t and I just feel better if I do.

I’ve barely been out of legging, long comfy tops with comfy hoody over that. I don’t work and this is my regular stay at home attire.

If I am meeting people for lunch/appt/coffee etc (pre-Covid-19) -at this time of year I’d have been in jeans and a nice, but casual top & sweater. But, if just running errands, I’m in my leggings.

I get more dressed up when going to theatre and nice dinners out. Nice pants, pretty top, heels.

Sunday’s - if it’s crummy out - I’ve been known to not get out of my jams.

I work from home. Pjs or other comfy clothes. If I have to video conference, I’ll put on a professional top.

I haven’t worn jeans or professional pants since before I got pregnant lol. If I go out, it’s yoga type pants.

I don’t wear my pjs during the day. I usually exercise/run in the morning, so I’m out of the pjs and into running gear first thing. After that is when I get “dressed” for the day- depending on how much time I have before my first call or meeting.

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^^^ I am almost always out of my pj’s within 5ish minutes of getting up. I either exercise/shower/dress for the day or shower/dress for the day. Never have had any desire to stay in PJ’s…

That said, I’m known to have my PJ’s on before dark in the evening! But even “pj’s” is a loose word for me.

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Jeans, T-shirt, cardigan. Basically my uniform.

Wearing yoga pants or sweats tends to feel like I’m in my PJ’s (cuz I sleep in those in cool weather) and I just don’t feel comfortable in the day time doing the same thing.

If I’m going to be in front of a camera for work, I pick a t-shirt that doesn’t have words on it. :slight_smile:

I don’t even own pjs… Haven’t since I’ve been able to pick out my own clothing.

If I want to sleep in something, it’s an oversized t-shirt (not a night shirt by original intent). Shorts or sweats can be added if necessary (like when camping).

I haven’t held paid work since . . . 1988. My daily uniform is jeans, a black tee or sweater, socks in season. If it’s too hot for jeans, I’m in a skirt and tee or a dress. If I’m heading out for a volunteer stint or a meeting, I make sure my jeans don’t have dog slobber on them.

I’m too cold in leggings in the winter. I also don’t find them as comfy as my black sweatpants. I switch between 2 pair all the time if I don’t plan on leaving the house. During SIP, I’ve only worn about 3 sweaters during the weekdays. I find I really want loose waist and I guess loose around my legs too. On the weekends when DH is home, I try to dress a little nicer. I do feel I don’t look very with it.

During the summer, I’m in a variety of shorts.