How do you find up-to-date SAT scores for incoming freshmen?

<p>I've been going to the College Board website where you can get a quick read of the 25%ile and 75%ile SAT scores for incoming freshman at just about any college.</p>

<p>But it seems that these are not the most recent scores.</p>

<p>If you want to know how high the scores are for a given school where do you go for the latest information?</p>

<p>Almost all colleges and universities publish this information annually in a document called a "common data set." The format of every institution's set is the same--that's where the common part comes in--and it reports statistics on the class that was admitted most recently (i.e., the current freshman class). Section C of the common data set gives admission about applicants for freshman admission; the data on standardized test scores and the like are all for students who actually enrolled.</p>

<p>To find this information, you usually don't need to do anything more than google the name of the institution and the phrase "common data set."</p>

<p>Sikorsky is correct. You can also go to the college website, and in that website's search bar type "common data set." From there, you may be able to pick from the last few years to get an idea of trends. </p>

<p>Based on my son's accept status at several schools, I would say that cappex dot com and parchment dot com are fairly accurate, so they must be using a fairly recent data dump of each school's common data set.</p>