How do you get 700+ in math?!

<p>If anybody could point me to some resources or give me some advice to improve my 650ish Math to 700+
I am testing for my final time in less than 2 weeks, so it would have to be a quick fix that just gives me a little better edge. Every single time I miss the last one or two problems in each math section -_-
Any resource that greatly benefited you, and you wish to share, would be appreciated.</p>

<p>Don’t be afraid to use your calculator when you need it. None of the questions are particularly difficult, just try to make sure you give yourself time.</p>

<p>I can fly through the initial questions and answer them accurately, but when it comes to the final two, I never know what to do with the information in order to calculate a solution. Its not even a time issue. I just stare at the two problems at the end and don’t know where to go with them.</p>

<p>Then… practice? Old tests are the best way to have an idea of what will be on future exams - and if you find one you can’t solve, PM me!</p>

<p>Ok. Where can I find practice problems though?
I don’t have any books myself…</p>

<p>[Let</a> me google that for you](<a href=“LMGTFY - Let Me Google That For You”>LMGTFY - Let Me Google That For You)</p>

<p>There are a ton of tests out there if you google. I’ve used StudentEdge in the past.</p>

<p>[StudentEdge</a> - Peterson’s](<a href=“]StudentEdge”>
[SAT</a> Math Problem Solving : Practice tests and explanations](<a href=“]SAT”>SAT Math Problem Solving : Practice tests and explanations | Major Tests)</p>


<p>Might I suggest [CrushTheTest</a> SAT Math Prep: Hard Questions for 700+](<a href=“”> It is a pay site but there are some example questions that are definitely harder than average</p>

<p>just chillax and dont rush.</p>

<p>I missed a 700 by one freakin question</p>

<p>Okay guys. I’ll check all these out and let you all know. If I get some decent practice and end up with a 700 I’m going to be ecstatic.</p>

<p>Also, try Dr. Chungs if you can! The questions are nice and juicy, but I warn you, the answer explanations aren’t too great. Despite this, I think you will survive the book, with your scores. I usually score around the same as you, and Dr. Chung’s is working for me, but I just have to use it more often.</p>

<p>Well there is less than 2 weeks between now and my next/final testing date, so I won’t be purchasing any materials for help. tizzy’s post seems to have some great free resources, so I’ll give those a shot. Thanks all…</p>

<p>get smarter</p>

<p>Also, on the harder questions make sure to use the answers. A lot of the questions you can either plug in numbers from the answers or use them to guide your answer. It may not be the quickest way but if you really do fly through the beginning of the section then you will have plenty of time. If you are stuck look at the answers and see if they can guide you to a way to find the answer.</p>