How do you get good grades in running start?

(Duall enrollment)
The grading scale is so different than highschool. A 4.0 is like a 95% and a 90% is already a 3.5. I don’t know how I would be able to get a 95% in my classes where in highschool an A is only a 93%

I’m scared that it will mess up my junior year gpa so that I don’t qualify for scholarships.
How did you do in running start/dual enrollment? What was your gpa? How many 4.0’s did you get?

I need at least a 3.8 to get into a good school.

How do the grades transfer to my highschool gpa? My school does a numeric gpa system so no letter grades. What if I get a 3.6 but an A- is a 3.7. So how would that convert?