How do you get parking at TAMU?

<p>I'm told the parking at the campus is full. Where else can you park? Are there any private lots?</p>

<p>I do not know about private parking lots. You can park in the campus parking garages - expensive, but you could.<br>
Most kids ride their bike, ride the bus, or walk.</p>

<p>Who told you it is full? Parking for fall will not be assigned until after the registration period is past (mid July) and it is not first come first served. Parking is assigned based on several factors such as seniority and living on campus.</p>

<p>oh it is definantly first come first served
But, there is a priority as well. It is kinda complicated actually - but there will always be somewhere you can park your car - it may be way out near the Bush library - but there is a spot for you.</p>

<p>Parking is definitely not full. There are always spaces in West Campus Garage...</p>

<p>You still have time to request a parking spot - go to My Records tab on Howdy, to Optional Services to request your parking pass.</p>

<p>According to the head of the transportation department parking is not first come first served.</p>

<p>The my Records tab says I am not eligible for parking. Maybe it's because I just got accepted last week. Thank you for all the help and advice. It really helps!</p>

<p> is the parking website. If it won't let you register, call the school and ask them, the rest of us are just grasping at straws.</p>

<p>no it is not first come first served, my mistake.
It is based on many things. Senority etc.
Though when all things are equal... how do you think they decide? And if you do not get the lot you requested, you are placed on a waiting list (how do you think this is ordered?)</p>

<p>The waiting list is first come, first served. I know that for a fact. It may be weighted for seniority though. That much I don't know.</p>

<p>Thank you for all the great information. It is so helpful!</p>

<p>Permit</a> & Rate Information</p>

<p>the link shows you the costs of parking permits..but I'm not sure how hard it is to get parking..</p>

<p>I just check the Transport website. The only place to register for parking is if you want a permit for April 7 - July 13 (2010-2011). Don't we need to get parking earlier than that??</p>

<p>why would you need parking earlier than that?
parking permits are purchased for a year - seems like mid August - mid August...</p>