How do you guys keep track of your schedule?

<p>Do you use a planner, plain piece of paper, or a electronic device to help you with your schedule? What have you found to be more efficient and effective?</p>

<p>simple day planner</p>

<p>Planner - simple, effective</p>

<p>does anyone here use a pda? my birthday is coming up soon, and i'm considering getting one...</p>

<p>I use a simple planner to keep track of all of my assignments, appointments, and virtually everything else. I tend to forget things if I don't write them down.</p>

<p>small notebook or school issued agenda books</p>

<p>My head!</p>

<p>Which explains why I forget long term things so easily.</p>

<p>I get an agenda every year. But it just gathers dust.</p>

<p>google calendar ftw .</p>

<p>Have a normal-sized calendar hanging next to my desk. Write down tests, parties, piano concerts, etc, on that.</p>

<p>For day-to-day assignments...just remember them or write them down in my notebook. That way, when I start doing the assignment at home, I have the stuff from class in front of me if I need it.</p>

<p>Yeah...small notebook works for me. I prefer paper over electronic because it's something physical that you can flip through and won't get corrupted..(necessarily).</p>

<p>I use a planner for my homework/day-to-day assignments.
For tennis practice, math team meeting, etc. I have the schedules for all my activities on a little bulletin board in my room.</p>

<p>I make todo lists when I have a lot of stuff to do. It's really great to check stuff off, instant gratification.</p>

<p>I mainly use my head, though.</p>

<p>I have a calender that is an arms length away from where I am currently sitting.</p>

<p>For every day things, however, I use my memory.</p>

<p>I have a good memory, so usually I just keep track of what I have to do in my head.</p>

<p>If I have a lot of stuff to do, occasionally I will write reminders on my arm.</p>

<p>I use memory</p>

<p>i use a planner to keep track of homework, but my extracurricular schedule is pretty much in my head since it repeats every week with very slight variation.</p>

<p>also i love to check off assignments when i finish them :D</p>


<p>.... but really, I program important dates into my phone.</p>

<p>I've tried to use the planner that the school gives out, but it becomes too tedious to do with any regularity. I usually have a syllabus for HW assignments, anything else I jot down on random sheets of papers. For other events I can rely on my memory.</p>