how do YOU handle the reading section?

<p>hi, tell me what you got on the reading section of the sat and tell me exactly how you studied, and what your method is while taking the test. for example, do you just go straight to the questions and then look at the text, or do you read the whole thing?</p>

<p>750 on the CR section..</p>

<p>I took a course over the summer and then took a bunch of practice tests. I found Princeton Review, Kaplan, and the CB's blue book to be the closest to the real test. Taking practice tests was the most effective prep for me - I took practice tests and then reviewed every single question - including the ones I got right - to familiarize myself with different types of questions, "trap" asnwers, etc. But some others prefer reading books/news articles/magazines or not studying at all.</p>

<p>As far as strategy goes...</p>

<p>sentence completions - I think a lot of it is vocab. If u know the vocab, then u should be able to breeze through them very quickly - no more than 30 sec per question.</p>

<p>paragraph reading - these passages are short, and it's easier to keep track of the details. I usually read all passages and answered the questions. I'd spend about 4-5 minutes on a set of 2 short passages.</p>

<p>long reading - this was the hardest part for me. First, I read the blurb or introductory information. Then I went straight to the first detail question (one with reference to a specific line, key word, etc.), and went back to read relevant information in the passage. The detail questions are listed in order, so u can keep going back to the passage to read relevant information and end up reading the whole passage. Then I started answering the broad questions that deal with the passage's general idea, main theme, etc.</p>

<p>My usual timing was:</p>

<p>25 minutes, 24 questions (8 SC, 4 Paragraph reading, and 12 long reading) section - 4 minutes SC, 5 minutes paragraph, 16 minutes long reading
25 minutes, 24 questions (5 SC, 4 Paragraph reading, and 15 long reading) section - 3 minutes SC, 5 minutes paragraph, 17 minutes long reading (usually ran out of time on this section)
20 minutes, 19 questions (6 SC and 13 long reading) section - 3 minutes SC, 17 minutes long reading</p>