How do you keep yourself organized?

<p>How do you keep yourself organized? A planner, to-do list? Any specific style? Does anyone use the Cal Newport method? Is your schedule really tight or do you let it slide?</p>

<p>Just curious to see what others have tried and have worked for them.</p>

<p>I have a really large desk calendar that hangs right above my desk. It keeps me organized as far as planning ahead with assignments. Other than that, not really, unless I use my phone for reminders.</p>

<p>With all the multiple readings from multiple books for multiple classes, I find it extremely helpful at the start of each new week of fresh assignments to create a To-Do list on a planner/sheet of paper. I'll break it down day by day and try to figure out what classwork I'll do each helps not to get stressed out about work when it's compartmentalized.</p>

<p>I don't really like to use a planner, but I do make a to-do list when things get a little hectic. I usually put everything essential on my computer desk; for instance, I put my books on the right side of my desk, sticky notes and reminders on the wall next to my desk, pencils on the left corner, etc. I guess i'm not really organized lol. I just put everything I need in a specific location where I'll be able to find them.</p>

<p>DJpsu2015; I do the exact same thing!! </p>

<p>OP; it really depends on what you're comfortable with. I can't stick to planners, maybe you can?</p>

<p>I've got a large calendar, i go through post-its like crazy, and i make little lists for anything and everything. Unfortunately, I lose most of them. I like the idea of organization, but when it comes down to it, it's just not something I'm good at.</p>

<p>If its on the top of the pile then it is important...if its on the bottom....not so much.</p>

<p>I use my iPod touch as a planner. I'm also going to get dividers for each class to keep stuff in.</p>

<p>I use a planner and I write <em>everything</em> down. I also get a folder and 3 subject notebook for each class. I make sure that I label the notebook so I can keep all the notes for one class in the same notebook. I keep handouts/syllabus/whatever in the folder. Once the folder starts to get full, I transfer it into an accordion folder so I still have it when midterms and finals roll around. I also take notes in various colors to keep things bright and fun! I Plan on incorporating livescribe or an ipad to add in digital notes this semester but my system works like a charm for me. Hope it helps someone!</p>

<p><em>ETA</em> I also make multiple to-do lists on a daily basis, I used to be the most unorganized person you could imagine, but I've changed my ways, haha</p>

I'll break it down day by day and try to figure out what classwork I'll do each day


I've done that too for really busy weeks! That's how I got through 4 AP classes at school, 1 self-study AP, college apps, and piano last year- organized! I'm planning to carry that method over into college as needed, as well as using a planner like I did in HS. I'm planning to use 1 1/2 inch binders, 1 for each class. I did that for AP and some honors classes in HS- 1- 1 1/2 inch binder for each semester, 2 per year per class for AP last year...</p>

<p>Last year I was lame at being organized. This year I plan to have more folders, to do lists, calendar, shelves (for papers, etc), clip pad, and much more. I really need to be on top of my game this year. I honestly think if I were more organized, I would've had higher grades. But o wellzzzz</p>

<p>I'm not organized, and since I'm so used to it, I find myself more disorganized if I try things like writing to-do lists, planning out weeks, etc. My desk can never stay clean for more than a day, and yet I never lose anything, but if I go with a clean area for awhile, I always seems to lose something.</p>

<p>I have an iPhone and a Macbook. Any information not on one of those two machines can be considered lost or unimportant. My scattered brain is saved by Stickies, Notes, Calendar, and the ability to e-mail things to myself.</p>

<p>Good ol' paper planner. I wake up and see what's on the agenda, stick to it and usually do well. When I don't, all fails, (Which happened a lot first semester...)</p>

<p>I also made small wooden dividers that basically create "stacks" for each class and everything from the class goes there. I rewrite the notes and put them in a "refreshed notes" notebook, but keep the old ones.</p>

<p>I use [url=<a href=""&gt;][/url&lt;/a&gt;]. Ever since I started using it, I haven't missed a task, or at least not the homeworks and class assignments. It's free, too. You gotta check the site regularly though because it does not send out e-mails.</p>

<p>I like to keep Wall Pops above my bed, and will keep upcoming dates, homework assignments, club meetings, blood donations, whatever written on them. I also will sometimes make notes on my iPhone, and first semester was big on Google Calendar.</p>

<p>I have a planner that I write any HW I may have that night or whatever and I stick PostIts all over my desk with major assignments/To Do things and their due date.</p>

<p>I write todo lists down but I pretty much never look at them. I mostly keep track of everything in my head or have the assignments printed out and on my desk as a reminder. Never really had an "oh shiznit I forgot" moment in all the years I've been in school. IMO the more time I end up spending trying to be organized (via planners and calendars) ends up being time wasted.</p>

<p>Caveat to my strategy is I have insanely good memory.</p>

<p>my brain is a neural net processor. a learning computer. i don't need to worry about keeping myself organized.</p>

<p>Organzied mess I could say.
I'm one of those people who could have a mountain of clothes on the floor and junk on the desk. But if you moved one small thing, I'd know someone was in my room.</p>