How do you know how much financial aid you're receiving?

<p>I filed the FAFSA back in January, and I haven't gotten any feedback.
How do I know how much I'm eligible for, and how much I'm going to get? And does FAFSA do the student loans also?</p>

<p>Your school will send you a financial aid award either via email or mail. FAFSA is an application that collects financial information for the school(s) to use to determine eligibility for federal need based aid. FAFSA does not award money.</p>

<p>Anyone completing a FAFSA is eligible for a Stafford Loan. If you have financial need it will be subsidized. If not, unsubsidized.</p>

<p>All right, thanks.
Approximately when do you think the letter/email will be sent out? On average, of course.
I've been accepted to Michigan State University, and I've heard nothing from the Financial Aid Office. Frankly, I'm a bit worried. Am I stressing too much over something that will come in due time?</p>

<p>I was accepted to UT-Austin this past Friday (3-13) and within a few days they sent me a confirmation letter stating that they received my FASFA information and were processing it. You might want to call the Financial Aid office</p>

<p>Have you tried the link that is provided at the MSU financial aid website?</p>

<p>Go to their financial</a> aid homepage and click on purple StuInfo/eFINAID banner on the right side. It should be there. If not, call the school.</p>

<p>whats the highest a FAFSA can give you</p>

<p>Highest EFC would be $99,999.In that case you would be eligible for unsubsidized Stafford loans nothing more, unless your school awarded you non-need related merit award.</p>

<p>FAFSA doesn't give you anything. It will say if you qualify for Pell grants.</p>