How do you know if a school is courting you?

<p>I see people posting about how a school "courted" them, particularly safety schools, etc . . . If you're not a recruited athlete or something like that, how do you the difference between the emails that are sent to all students within a certain PSAT range, and a school actually individually courting you?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>Lesser named schools do "work the lists" -- trying to keep them in your sights. EVeryday mailings are not evidence of courting. Personal letters and invitations to visit (on their dime) are definitely evidence of courting.</p>

<p>So would this email be courting:</p>

<p>Dear waitingforivy,
Due to your high test scores and other achievements, we would like to show you what University X can offer you . . . . </p>

<p>It's from a somewhat well-known state school</p>

<p>A mass mailing is not courting. If that mailing came in a big envelope with glossy pictures, and nothing specific about you or your interests, then it's a mass mailing.</p>

<p>Not just lesser named schools. My D just got her fourth or fifth mailing from UChicago. </p>

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<p>how is the whole application process?</p>

<p>Every school that sends an mail or email to you, encouraging you to apply, can be considered as "courting."</p>

<p>OK: I'll make clearer distinctions: there's "courting" and there's "prospecting". The generalized email cited in post #3, all the mass emailings and mailers you or your kid is getting -- that's prospecting. Your name made it to a list which the college bought and now you're getting mail.</p>

<p>Courting is when an actual individual initiates contact. Maybe a coach for stand out athletes. Maybe an admissions officer for other schools who are actively trying to bring in top scholars. </p>

<p>There's a quantitative difference between courting and just marketing. If you can't tell, then you can be 100% sure it's just plain marketing. Courting: You KNOW you're being courted -- actual phone calls, offers of plane tickets and housing to visit, personal invites to info sessions, etc.</p>

<p>If none of this is happening, that's fine. No one ever "courted" me but I applied to a good selection of schools and was successful.</p>

<p>WaitingforIvy: that's just a mass email -- very commonplace. You're not being courted yet. Would they love for you to apply? Sure. But it is NO indication whatsoever your actual chances of being accepted.</p>