How do you know what classes to take?

<p>I'm still a high school student and I decided to go to CC and do TAG and I'm wondering how would you know what courses to take for your major, fill the credit requirements, and do all the other requirements and the application. </p>

<p>Do counselors guide you through with this and are there workshops or guides on a campus that help you with this?</p>

<p>don't rely on counselors and people..</p>

<p> is your best friend.</p>

<p>focus first on getting your english and math out of the way as well as your major pre-requisites then fill them up with whatever your "counselors tell you" as in general education classes.</p>

<p>This site is helpful too.
University</a> of California - Transfer path by major</p>

<p>As far as counselors goes it really depends on the ccc. The counselors at mu ccc are excellent and the transfer counselors in particular helped me immensely. They made sure I was on track, had workshops for transfers, and send out emails occasionally to keep us focused. I have heard that counselors at other ccc's are not so good. But you may as well start there and see if the ones at your school would be helpful. Get the form for IGETC, the courses you must take to transfer, and check out as a previous poster said. This is helpful for figuring out what pre reqs you need to do for a particular major at a particular UC or CSU. Good luck!</p>

<p>Follow IGETC; which is a General Education fulfillment plan. Then look at for your major pre-requisites--its different for each school. </p>

<p>You need 60 UC-Transferable Units minimum in order to transfer.
Roughly, each classes are 3 units. Foreign Language is 5 units. And Math courses level Pre-Calculus and up are usually 4 units.</p>

<p>Listen to lawlking. Follow your IGETC and complete your major pre-req classes. Lots of counselors are useless, and they don't even know what they are doing most of the time. And they'll end up confusing you too.</p>

<p>Check first. Depending on your major, it might specifically tell you NOT to follow IGETC. If that happens, make sure you can fit all the requirements for all the schools you want to apply to, otherwise you could have issues. Or if your major just says to follow IGETC, you can probably get a list on your school's site that tells you what classes fill each requirement.</p>