How do you make friends freshman year?


<p> do freshmen make friends the first year of college? especially people that go to colleges that none of their friends are going to/never got accepted to. I am a social person and dont want to be isolated when Im a freshman next September! </p>


<p>If you are a social person, it should come easy? Everyone is in the same boat and so everyone is friendly. You might find you go through a lot of friends in the first month or so and then it filters down to your close friends. Then with those close friends you build your group up with friends that like your personality better...</p>

<p>tis easy my friend ;).</p>

<p>Nudity helps.</p>

<p>Sometimes you make friends within your orientation group. Also, many freshmen dorms usually have events within the dorms to get people together. </p>

<p>When you're in your dorm room, keep the door open for the first week and say hi to people as they walk down the hallway. Another good way is to take the initiative to actually knock on doors (of your floor or wing) and introduce yourself. Another easy way during the first week is to knock on your floormates doors and ask if anyone wants to go get something to eat. </p>

<p>Try not to stress about it. This is a new beginning for everyone.</p>

<p>PS--Make sure you attend the Student Activities Fair. Most schools have this sometime during the first two weeks. It's a fair where you find out about clubs and sign up for them.</p>

<p>Im in the same boat as you, konig.. Im the only one out of my entire school going to my college.. ever.</p>

<p>For me, I found that all you have to do is introduce yourself... everyone there (except a group of probably 150 or so that have at least one other person from their school going) will be in the same boat. College is about making new friends, so just keep talkin to people. Be the 'brave' one who walks up to a large group of people and just starts introducing yourself!</p>


<p>...don't introduce yourself like this?</p>

<p>"hey! my name's [insert your name here]!"</p>

<p>"What's yours?"</p>

<p>"What state are you from...?"</p>

<p>"Cool. I've heard that [blank insert]..I've been down there once or twice. So what are you going to major in..."</p>

<p>"I can't wait for [blank insert subject]!"</p>

<p>"Do you want to join us for [blank insert activity]?! It should be fun". </p>

<p>"Yeah! For Sure!" Sounds good...</p>

<p>Then try to improvise from should come naturally :)</p>

<p>smoking. then going to parties with people I met, met more people. hang out with people on you floor, keep your door open, say 'hi' to people who have their doors open. but mostly grab a friend or two or maybe just your roommate and go to a party.</p>

<p>Ya, I agree with Eastfrobeauty..</p>

<p>The main questions I had/got asked were:
Whats your name?
What state you from? (to which Id reply.. CANADA :) ) <-- Yes, I know Canada is not a state of the USA. Just to clarify
.... and that was about it. We just started talking, found some things we had in common, and then kept talking. Quite simple :)</p>

<p>I like most of the suggestions mentioned so far. Dining with people is another great way to make friends. Ask if you can join some people at a table when you're by yourself. Orientation is another opportunity, especially because everyone is looking for friends; I met my best friend on my orientation backpacking trip, and have gone skiing with others I met on that trip. You can also make a surprising number of friends from your classes if you groups, working together on homework, being lab partners, even just sitting next to someone in class and talking before and after.</p>

<p>Basically just remember that nearly everyone is looking for friends at the beginning of the year; you're not alone!</p>

<li>Leave your doorroom door open as much as you can</li>
<li>Get along with your roommate</li>
<li>Have an open mind</li>
<li>Attend all the orientation stuff </li>
<li>Take the initiative; don't wait for others to befriend you</li>
<li>Make everyday count in some way</li>

<p>My advice...</p>

<p>Here are some things that I did to make friends at the very beginning of freshman year (kind-of summarizing what others have said and adding a little extra commentary):
-Left my door open whenever I was in my room. Random people would pop in to say hi, sometimes leading to fun conversations and invitations to hang out/go somewhere
-Say hi to everyone (simple, but it makes it so that if you ever run into each other in a different setting it is an easy conversation starter - hey, didn't I see you in ___?)
-Be willing to introduce yourself to anyone
-Crashed a floor dinner (or just go to your own floor dinner)
-Invite yourself to eat with others
-Go to parties. You don't even have to like the party atmosphere, just go to meet people (friends of friends of friends of friends etc)
-Go to those lame orientation/welcome events as lame as they may seem. Chances are there are a whole bunch of freshmen who are willing to join you
-Don't cling to your roommate(s), but definitely make an effort to be friendly. They are often the easiest way to start making friends
-Don't rule out making friends with anyone based off the way they dress, etc. College is a good time to stop caring about stupid stuff like that, and realize that really, you can make friends/get along with most anyone
-Go to the first meetings of clubs that interest you
-Don't expect to keep the same friends from Welcome week onward...but accept friendships as they come</p>

<p>I found at college-esque summer school that you can make a lot of friends if you do your classwork outside of your room. Even if its just taking your laptop out into the hall, or going to the lounge/library, rather than being shut in your dorm (unless you are studying really seriously)</p>

<p>The first week of school, you're going to meet a lot of people, most of whom you'll never speak to again. If you're sociable, then making friends shouldn't be a problem. Just don't stay locked up in your room, be friendly and somewhat interesting, and you should be fine. I also highly suggest making friends with people in your classes. You never know when you might need help with something. =]</p>

<p>i agree with pandora, do homework in other people's rooms.</p>

<p>honestly making friends in college is way easier than making friends after.</p>

<p>Answer questions in class. Seems simple, but I didn't speak in any of my classes for my entire first semester (I was the only person from my high school at the college, too), so I only had one friend and I was miserable. I finally started asking/answering questions around Thanksgiving and before I knew it I had a huge group of friends.</p>

<p>just don't be the annoying kid who talks and talks and talks</p>

<p>that's why i never end up with friends from my classes</p>

<p>Your dorm floor has to be prime material right? I mean you are living together.</p>

<p>Make jungle juice.</p>