How do you pass the time while waiting for your scores?

<p>I'm a very impatient person. I have a lot of trouble waiting for test scores since the time passes so slowly! Right now I'm waiting on my ACT from the prairie state testing and SAT from May 3. So how do you all pass the time while waiting for your ACT/AP/SAT scores to arrive?</p>

<p>Keep yourself extremely busy?</p>

<p>get on here and argue constantly about stupid italians and germans and whether a vast ocean is sublime...</p>

<p>pretty much..</p>


<p>haha ^tru dat</p>

<p>Exactly rssll5 xD. I come on here and obsess over the answers despite the fact that I cannot go back and change my answer to 9pi/4 for the circle question ]: I really don't recommend this strategy.</p>

<p>Yeah Standardized Test purgatory sucks</p>

<p>read a book.
or read a dictionary.
always fun.</p>

<p>ps: i dont do that. lol!</p>

<p>uhhh study my ass off for like 109238 ap exams and SAT IIs?</p>

<p>I do schoolwork, which tends to be important for things like college admissions.</p>