How do you prioritize so many important things?

<p>How do you prioritize so many important things that you need to get done? For example, you have this list of things to do:</p>

<p>-SAT studying
-SAT II studying
-AP studying
-AP ___ hw (x5)
-Honors hw (x2)
-President of Club work
-Varsity Sport (at least)
-Piano (have competition/exams coming up)
-house stuff</p>

<p>Is it impossible to get all these done in a day without seeing significant improvements on any one of them? Just curious, how would prioritize these things? If you did it, please share how you managed. Thanks.</p>


Is it impossible to get all these done in a day without seeing significant improvements on any one of them? J


<p>Maybe you can get these done on separate days (practice piano on Monday, sports on Tuesday, SAT's on Wednesday, etc.) That is, if you have enough time. Probably the best thing to do would be to write up a schedule for you to follow, so you can work out what you're going to do on any given day/hour. (Do it during a boring class, so it becomes fun :p)</p>

<p>I would not do the hw, and not study for SAT II until a week before and APs until spring break. I would also study SAT during the summer, work on volunteer on weekends and club during lunch. Sports are after school and piano at night. House stuff for when I get bored of piano.</p>

<p>study ALL your SATS during the summer. AP studying/Honors studying/hw are the same thing. don't pretend they're a lot. use your time efficiently. the rest are just ECs. do them when other people are doing them or when you're coach tells you to. not hard at all. suck it up</p>

<p>For this I'm going to assume SATs/SAT2's are 1-3 months away. Ok so first thing first, do whatever is DUE first FIRST. I'm just assuming all this homework would be due tomorrow so that's what I'd put first. Next since you said you have an important competition/exam coming up in Piano, I'd do that next for about 30-45 min. You probably already had practice for your varsity sport right after school so this spot is irrelevant. Lastly I would do SAT studying/just relax. After the ---- is stuff that isn't necessary. It really depends what kind of club you're talking about...I'm president of one but I don't need to do anything at home for it. Volunteering can wait till another day/the weekend. House stuff should always come last (my parents would rather have me doing homework than helping them). Depends what kind of parents you have I guess. SAT2/AP studying should be done with the homework, doing the homework should be all the studying you need and you don't need to waste any more time doing this.</p>

<li>AP ___ hw (x5)</li>
<li>Honors hw (x2)</li>
<li>Piano (have competition/exams coming up)</li>
<li>Varsity Sport (at least)</li>
<li>SAT studying</li>


<li>President of Club work</li>
<li>Volunteering </li>
<li>house stuff
9/10. SAT II studying and AP studying</li>