How do you recalculate GPA for Georgia?

We are from the state of Florida, and i am familiar with how we recalculate GPA in this state… how do i do it for Univ of Georgia? is it like the following? also what is the middle 50% range for Georgia?

AP, IB, Dual Enroll classes
A= 5.0


Regular= 4,3,2 etc?

No. There is a good blog post on this by the admission office if you want more details but there is no extra given for any honors classes. If your child has a 4.0 in all honors classes (90 or above), that is the same as a 4.0 in all regular classes for purposes of the UGA GPA. AP classes receive 1 extra point. 90-100 is 4 points in a regular or honors class. B is 80-89 which is 3 points. C-70-79 and that is 2 points. If a class is AP then you can add a point, so a B in an AP class becomes 4 points. Hope this helps!!

The middle 50 UGA GPA is a 4.0-4.27 with an average of 4.10.

One other point on recalculating GPA, I suspect UGA only factors in core classes (English, Math, History, Science, Foreign Language) when they recalculate because those are the only courses listed in the self-reported grades portal. I don’t think A’s in PE, electives, etc are factored in. I don’t know for sure. That’s just my guess.

@UVAmom23 and @ncmom2020 When I recalculated, i removed all high school classes that were taken in 8th grade and all dual enrollment? did i do that correctly. i only gave bump up for AP/AICE classes not honors… I removed all non core (only one was art)

Yes definitely remove eighth grade classes. Pretty sure dual enrollment classes are excluded as well but not positive. The comments to the blog post I am linking below may answer that question. Only academic classes are included. I don’t know what AICE classes are. Is that the same as IB? The blog post only mentions AP and IB.

@UVAmom23 yes AICE is similar to AP & IB… it comes from Cambridge England. It stands for Advanced International Certificate of Education. it is extremely popular in the state of Florida. its a college level class like IB/AP

Thoughts on chances… When i kept the dual enrollment she has a GPA 4.44 with out its a 4.3

I replied to your other thread but my guess is she will be deferred. Uga early admission only looks at grades and test scores. While she is a match for grades her SAT scores are on the lower side. UGA will start again issuing decisions the first part of February and they will trickle in until mid-March… Generally the kids that get in early Feb are kids that were on the cusp for admittance in early action but have provided another strong set of grades or another test score.I think this is discussed somewhere on the admission blog.

Dual enrollment credits in core classes are included, but are not given a boost like an AP class is.

So you can submit Senior mid year grades? if deferred for early action?

@jhmoney, you should request that your guidance counselor submits mid-year grades especially if they are favorable.

@H0llyw00d thx…so they just send the revised transcript and it somehow gets matched up to the application

@jhmoney, the HS sends information to each college you apply to, so any updates to your file/application are likely sent in the same manner. Some HS’s may want a request from the student to initiate the process, and some HS’s may automatically send mid-year grades. Each HS could work differently. My recommendation is to reach out to your Guidance Counselor, so you know how your school processes this type of thing. My feeling is that it is better not to make any assumptions when it comes to college applications.