how do you receive the admission decision?

<p>Do they send you an email? or do you just wait for the snail mail?</p>

<p>(and if possible, could anyone please tell me how they notify international students?it would take up to one month if they send the admissions decision via international regular mail without any email notification...)</p>

<p>Thanks in advance! =)</p>

<p>they send it to ur email box.</p>

<p>hey thanks, Intiir0!</p>

<p>when will the decision come out?? i didn't receive anything from them...</p>

<p>this week.</p>

<p>One of the admission officer said me that they will sent emails to internationals by april 1</p>

<p>International students will probably receive their decision letter through email on the 26th, followed by their packet(FedEx) a couple of days later. It's just my wild guess since I applied ED1 and received the email 4 days before the deadline for notification.
I hope this helps. Good luck to all of you!
Ah btw if you receive an email > 500 Kb in size and with attachments, you're in :D</p>

<p>and for those parents who just can't wait for the kid to get home--hold the envelope to the light. If it's like the last several years a colored piece of paper (can't remember what it's for) is included in the admitted letter. good luck to all!!!!</p>

<p>Do non-international students get notified by email also? Or is it just the international students who get an email?</p>

<p>Just int'l kids</p>

<p>and music toad : the colored piece of paper is in pink and it's the form which you use to confirm your acceptance of the school's offer of admission.</p>

<p>So non-internationals will find out via letters? Does anyone know when they are sent out or when they are due to arrive?</p>

<p>you should get them next week - hopefully</p>