how do YOU study

<p>those of you who are premeds or intending to be premeds in college what are your most effective ways of studying for your science subjects?</p>

<p>i myself find it easier to just read the material slowly and ingest all the information but im hearing this isn't plausible in college as you can have up 1000 pages to read a week?</p>

<p>Repetition. Lots of repetition, and writing key topics down on a piece of paper. First i start will all the important info, and then from that I takemy weakest areas and most important stuff and keep breaking it down. In the end I keep the most important areas on one piece of paper and memorize that. Also writing vocab over and over again until it is memorized.</p>

<p>I read over the text very slowly, taking copious notes and refer back to the notes to study later on. I'm not big into doing a lot of problems. Consequently, I do a very small % of the assigned problems in my premed classes.</p>

<p>I have a friend who's the opposite. She reads quickly and spends most of her time doing all the assigned problems and then finds more problems in other textbooks. It's worked for her so I guess either way works.</p>