How do you use this forum?

Yesterday, I posted about a friend’s issue to see how others felt. I told her about the thread, and she took a look. I told her that I like the Parent Cafe because there generally is diversity of opinion, and I use it to gauge whether I need to adjust my thinking.

For instance, if I think one way and 90% of people agree with me, I know that I’m probably not crazy – or at least have plenty of company! But if there’s a critical mass that doesn’t agree with me, then it makes me think I might need to rethink things.

Is that how you use this forum?

The Parent Cafe is. Great place to come for suggestions…about anything. Kitchen faucets, MOB dresses, mattresses, vacation plans (ok…not right now…but in the past), info about medical procedures or issues, recommendations for where to buy things.

Favorite threads of mine…The Bragging Thread where you can brag about anything! The Good Buy of the Day…fun to read.

I’ve posed a number of questions here and folks have great ideas.

The parents caring for parents thread was such a support.

Also love the Bragging Thread.

I use it to keep from going crazy.
I love the wide variety of opinions and answers that intelligent posters are willing to add.
Book reports, pretty much in the cafe
Stopping there before it gets political.

I like the ability to jump in and out all day and give myself mental breaks from other home or work stuff. I gain so much info about SO many things.

I like sharing with others, I like discussing some of life’s scary stuff that you feel like you can’t really discuss IRL. It’s like “coffee with the neighbors” that I never really had in my neighborhood.

I come here mining for gold and seldom leave empty-handed.

It’s a(n amazing) time suck for me. I really do need to spend less time here but, like all the comments above, I find CC a great outlet for whatever’s on my mind and many things that aren’t but, perhaps, should be. There is a community here that feels safe and more than virtual to me. Every time I try to leave, I feel I’m walking away from friends.

So, how do I use CC? I leave it up on my iPad and check in throughout the day to see what the chatter is. I’m mostly in the cafe now, but I still read the prep forum, and I check the service academy sub forums daily to see if anyone has posted as those areas don’t get of a lot of traction, and I might be able to contribute based on our recent experience with our son’s journey.

I am only in the Cafe these days, as my baby graduated college in 2011!

I leave this tab open and browse about many threads.

I agree with @ChoatieMom that this is a community.
Some I’ve met IRL, some only virtually. I consider all ‘my friends’ and I celebrate and mourn at their life events.

Do you mean specifically Parent Cafe? I generally come here to ask a question that I don’t think local friends will necessarily have good answers for. But when I see a juicy thread pop up, like this one, I like to throw my two cents in.

Good question!

I’m just going to quote @abasket and let it be my reply. Why come up with your own when someone else has put it so well?

I originally came on the boards as my own (now very adult) d was navigating the college process, and then again when she was planning a college transfer. We both learned so much through the boards (well I did, she just got to listen to what I learned). After her college days I realized I really enjoyed the Parent Cafe and the men and women who posted there, so I stuck around.

I like the variety of perspectives, questions and answers that posters are willing to share. Many people have similar experiences in life, some of us have never had a particular experience, and these boards really open my eyes to learning more about some subjects.

There are many intelligent folk here whose knowledge I appreciate. So there are several threads of great interest- the “deal of the day” is a favorite, travel tips (back when we could travel!), the retirement thread, and the random questions (which I started but its been helpful) where we can ask whatever and not have to start a new thread.

Dance belts. That’s all I’m gonna say.

^^^ I must have missed that one!

It’s ok if you missed it trust me! I just searched it.

I had to swear off Musical Theater, because just reading about the process triggered anxiety. It was an excellent adventure into an unknown world while it lasted.

I use it to procrastinate just about everything I don’t want to do. But then I learn a ton. I now try to limit my visits to the equivalent of what feels like a long lunch break with friends sharing ideas. I find it to be a great way to compare news from all over the US, helpful hints, dreams, frustrations, plans, etc. with what is primarily an educated group (or at least values education, which is why most started here).

Just made “senior member” level. WooHoo. It only took 16+ years (member as of 2004, but I think actually before that, as my youngest was already in college).

@ChoatieMom - thanks for keeping up with the Service Academy section. I only go infrequently (because I forget about it) and I generally find that you have already answered the question so thoroughly that I don’t need to reply also. Mine leaves for EBOLC in a couple weeks. And so the fun begins…

I love that this site is an incredible wealth of information. If I have a question, I can come here and ask ‘the hive’ and within a short time, I get some great advice/suggestions.

I do love how you can post a question and within a day you’ll have more advice than you dreamed of. Right now I’m reading the few Covid threads that are left, the Book Club thread, the movie and TV threads, the Dressing Young thread and whatever catches my eye. I don’t subscribe to anything. I just sign in and see what has new posts.

I started here on the Musical Theater thread when my D was in college. She graduated in 2009 and only after she graduated did I find the Parent Cafe. I am single, live alone, and work in a small office so I’m not around very many people. As an introvert, that is fine by me, so CC is nice in that I can pop in and leave when I’m ready. It does give me someone to talk to about The Voice, American Idol, Project Runway and Top Chef since my coworkers don’t watch. (I am not competitive at all, but I like to watch sports and competition shows. Go figure.)

And I enjoy “conversing” with intelligent people. Even when I don’t join in a discussion (if I feel I don’t have anything to add), I still like to see what you all have to say.