How do you write Statement of Purpose?

<p>I'm considering some top graduate programs in history, classics or art history and I'm not exactly sure how you write Statement of Purpose. What I've written was Personal Statement for undergrad. Do you strictly write what you're going to do in your major (mentioning really technical things like syncretism of early Christian art, etc.) or can you write some kind of a biography? And how long is it usually?</p>

<p>I can only answer the length question as my field has clearly different requirements than yours. The statement should be between 1-3 pages single spaced. Mine spoke about the relevant parts of my preparation but since this was rather technical in nature (research projects) mine was very dry and not as autobiographical.</p>

<p>How long it is depends on the school. They should specify on the application whether they want it one page, 500 words, a certain number of characters in the text field etc.</p>

<p>I wouldn't fill it up with biographical information unless it indirectly shows your potential as a graduate student. You can talk about the birth of your obsession with early Madonna figurines on a school museum field trip, but only if it leads to the "really technical things" or how you intend to use your degree. Remember, they want candidates with good research ideas and demonstrated potential in the field, not just those "well-rounded individuals" who will fill a certain demographic quota like in undergrad admissions. Write to your audience, but don't make it dry.</p>