how does a gpa work

<p>How does calculating a gpa work? My school's grades and gpas come out of 100. currently, i am taking 4 ap courses out of six and my gpa is about a 93. do different schools weight courses differently? how much could i expect my grades to be weighted?</p>

<p>like out of 4.0?</p>

<p>There are a lot of different ways that schools calculate GPA. I will tell you the way we do it in CA, because that is what I am familiar with.</p>

<p>Any individual class grade from 90-100% is an A
80-89 is a B
70 to 79 is a C
60 to 69 is a D
and anything lower is an F</p>

<p>Generally, the lower 3rd (80-82% = B-, etc.) is a -, the middle 3rd or so (83-86% = B, etc.) is a regular letter, and the upper 3rd (87-89%= B+, etc) is a +.</p>

<p>However, when calculating GPA, +s and -s are not used for the UC system.</p>

<p>When calculating unweighted GPA,
A's get 4 points
B's get 3
C's 2
D's 1
and F's 0
for individual classes.
Then, average them out. That is, if in one semester you get 2 Bs and and 2As, your GPA will be 3.5. </p>

<p>Weighted is for honors/APs/IBs:
and I don't think you get credit for F's.
As above, average them out. </p>

<p>As such, a weighted B is equal to a regular A in the 4.0-scale GPA. </p>

<p>This may be way too much information, but your post was really vague. Eh.</p>