How does a self-design degree affect your marketability for grad school?

I am currently a junior at the York College of Pennsylvania who is currently in debate over doing biology or a self-design degree in bioinformatics. My dilemma more specifically goes involves choosing which path is best. Here are some key notes about both:

  1. Major in Biology:
  • Graduate Spring 2023 (more time to work - 1 year earlier than average freshman)
  • Broader degree allows for more doors to be open
  • Already established so no hassle in terms of courseload and is already created for higher education and/or jobs out of college.
  • Allows for more exploration (though I am rather confident I want to go down this route)
  • Would minor in Computer Science and Mathematics.
  1. Major in Bioinformatics:
  • Graduate Fall 2023 (1 semester earlier than average freshman)
  • Specific degree might make me more niche and better for job opportunities
  • Graduate schools might appreciate my degree more
  • Already created a formal proposal (but keep changing it for certain courses)
  • Would take 2 graduate level classes at the undergraduate level.

There is a lot of dualities to both and I have been kind of under pressure to decide since I have only about 1 more month. I am also more than open and encourage further discussion. Thank you very much!

Absolutely nobody- employer or grad school- will give your application a boost for graduating earlier than average. The only merit that I can think of is $$.

Grad school applications are different than undergrad: you need to know what degree you want and what you want to do with it.

Fwiw, the world is swimming in recent grads with Bio majors. You will need to differentiate yourself.

Go look at the graduate programs you are genuinely interested in. See what they are asking for- both requirements, and what the focal areas of the program are.