how does a untaxed disability pension affect FAFSA. (not social security disability!)

My husband is a disables police officer . he was injured on the job and has been forced to retire with a disability pension. it is untaxed and we file 1040. We heard that our child may attend any SUNY or CUNY free . I know nothing about this and i am filing a FAFSA. I was told the income is seen as 0

If your husband has a total and complete disability and is so retired as a police officer, yes, his children can go tuition free at a SUNY.

For FAFSA purposes , you are supposed to enter this untaxed pension under other untaxed income.

how do I find out how to go about this and get more information how to start the process. I appreciate any guidance . HE is not on Social security disability as I said it is a disability pension from the job. I don’t want to make a mistake filing the FAFSA wrong .

The full amount of his untaxed disability income has to be reported on the FAFSA (question 92h).

I can’t find information about free tuition for children of disabled police officers. That doesn’t mean it’s not a thing … I just can’t find it.

Contact a specific SUNY or CUNY financial aid office as to how this works. The officer there will know.

This is for deceased first responders .