How does Alabama's undergrad business school compare?

<p>We live in (rural) Illinois and my daughter just applied and was accepted to Alabama! She wants to major in business (possibly marketing) and Alabama is currently ranked 76. She is also applying to Indiana (8), Ohio State (32), and Illinois (34).</p>

<p>Business School Rankings: <a href=“Bloomberg - Are you a robot?”>Bloomberg - Are you a robot?</a></p>

<p>My questions are regarding the business school at Alabama. How does it compare to other schools? Specifically the schools she is applying to. Does anyone have any insight on Culverhouse? I see it is ranked high in Accounting and MIS but what about Marketing or General Business? Would she be better off going to a higher ranked business school? How about the job placement and internships at Culverhouse? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!</p>

<p>I don’t know a lot about the B-school, except that I hear that it’s very good. Hopefully people like SEA_tide can respond. He knows more.</p>

<p>here’s some info
<a href=“”>Home - The Culverhouse College of Business;

<p>U.S. News and World Report ranks our undergraduate program in the top three to four percent of public business programs in the nation. </p>

<p>Culverhouse College of Commerce By The Numbers:</p>

<p>7,894 Totalenrollment as of Fall 2014; 7,278 undergraduate students, 616 graduate students
122 Full time faculty members
40,000+ Culverhouse alumni network
7,000+ Manderson Graduate School of Business alumni network
Approximately one-third of bachelor’s degrees awarded at UA are to Culverhouse students
25.7 Average ACT score
1919 Undergraduate program founded by Lee Bidgood
1944 Year thefirst MBA degrees were given by The University of Alabama
3,784 scholarships to students awarded from 340 UA scholarship funds totaling $34,248,354. Ten of these scholarships went to graduate students
190 Culverhouse scholarship funds were used to award 658 Culverhouse student scholarships totaling $1,657,490. Some 154 of those scholarships went to graduate students.
The Management Information Systems (MIS) program is ranked as the 8th best in the country among all institutions, 4th among public universities
Ranked 8th best Accounting Program in the nation by the 2014 Public Accounting Report
12th best Online Master’s program by U.S. News and World Report
58th overall ranking, 36th public ranking university by U.S. News and World Report in 2013
Manderson Graduate School of Business ranked 58th overall, 29th for public universities in 2013
100 percent of MIS graduates find jobs within 90 days of graduation
100 percent of Sales Program graduates find jobs within 90 days of graduation
Overall, 86.3 percent of Culverhouse students find jobs within 90 days of graduation
Top 8 percent of 651 AACSB member schools in the U.S.
Top 11 percent of all 711 accredited business schools in the world
54 percent in-state student enrollment, 43 percent out-of-state students and 3 percent international students
55 percent of students enrolled are female, 45 percent are male
8 undergraduate programs
7 Specialized Masters within the Manderson Graduate School of Business
Ranked by Poets & Quants as the #1 over-performing MBA program, indicating the school is producing far better MBA graduates than U.S. News and World Report peer assessments indicate. Poets & Quants is a website reporting on business schools and is considered an authoritative source in the field of business schools and rankings.
Leader in innovation with the STEM Path to the MBA program launched in 2011 with nearly 600 students enrolled to date. It’s the only program of its kind in the nation.
UA STEM Path to the MBA students invited in 2014 to participate in the prestigious EcoCAR 3 Challenge by the U.S. Department of Energy and General Motors Corp. The University is one of 16 institutions selected for the EcoCAR 3 competition that challenges students to reduce the environmental impact of vehicles without compromising real-world performance or safety.
Graduate level specialization in Business Analytics since 2002. First business school in the nation to offer such a program.
Students take first place in the seventh annual national 2013 SAS Analytics and Data Mining Shootout in Orlando. The six-member team of graduate students from Culverhouse won the top prize for their research on disease prevention. Their strategy for treatment and costs revealed potential savings of nearly $180 million.
Culverhouse Investment Management Group recently topped 15 other student investment groups in Atlanta to claim the prestigious Ridgeworth Cup.
5 Academic Departments — Culverhouse School of Accountancy; Economics, Finance and Legal Studies; Information Systems, Statistics and Management Science; Management; and Marketing
6 Outreach and Research Centers — Center for Business and Economic Research, UA Center for Economic Development, Alabama Center for Real Estate, Alabama Entrepreneurial Research Network, Alabama Productivity Center, Career Services Center</p>

The College of Commerce and Business Administration has been continuously accredited by AACSB International since 1929. The Culverhouse School of Accountancy holds specialized AACSB accreditation.</p>

<p>AACSB accreditation is the benchmark of quality worldwide and is most widely sought after by business schools. Less than five percent of institutions worldwide have earned the achievement. </p>

<p>“It takes a great deal of self-evaluation and determination to earn and maintain AACSB accreditation. Schools not only must meet specific standards of excellence, but their deans, faculty and staff must make a commitment to ongoing improvement to ensure continued delivery of high-quality education to students,” said Jerry Trapnell, vice president and chief accreditation officer of AACSB International.</p>

<p>Does your D qualify for any of Alabama’s merit scholarships?</p>

<p>Also, can you please post in our Roll Call thread? (thanks!)</p>

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<p>Dean Hardin’s goal for Culverhouse Commerce of Business</p>

<p>Hardin’s five-year goal for the college hinges on bringing Culverhouse into the top 25 public business schools in the nation and across the world by preparing students for a global economy.</p>

<p>Rank and image are important parts of Hardin’s strategy, but the heart of the effort lies in providing the best possible education and placement opportunities for The University of Alabama students. This can be achieved by maximizing value through ROI and by building our national standing through collaboration with other schools, engaging alumni, and sharing our culture through the new socially integrated site. Ultimately, the factor that defines us is our ability to place graduate and undergraduate students in the best jobs.</p>

<p>The bar is being raised, and Hardin’s Culverhouse is becoming a formidable force in 21st century business education.</p>

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<p>Some Internship info (scroll down for more info)</p>

<p><a href=“”>Home - The Culverhouse College of Business;

<p>Culverhouse Career Center (scroll down for more info)</p>

<p><a href=“Home - The Culverhouse College of Business”>Home - The Culverhouse College of Business;

<p>M2ck; thanks for consolidating the info here. </p>

<p>Thanks for all of the information! I will be reading up on this! My D currently qualifies for the FOUNDATION IN EXCELLENCE SCHOLARSHIP. Thank you so much…will start reading now! :smile: </p>

Congrats! That is half tuition! Is she retesting? if she bumps a 29 to a 30, she gets a 2/3 tuition award. </p>

<p>What is your daughter’s intended career path Does she plan on getting and MBA, specialty master’s degree, PhD, and /or DBA? Ranking tends to be more important for graduate schools and more so for specific jobs. Remember also that rankings are somewhat arbitrary. In reality, what one is trying to do is to create their own rankings, which may or may not be similar to those created by others.</p>

<p>I chose to attend UA because I wanted my college experience to reflect who I am as a person. More than any other school I looked at, UA was willing to take the time to learn what I wanted to do and provided resources to help me accomplish my goals. There were instances when I was following a fairly typical course progression for a business major and others where I was creating an entirely new path not just for myself, but for others as well. I am extremely glad that I found out about UA from CC as attending UA allowed me to have everything I wanted in my college experience and then some. </p>

<p>She has retaken the ACT and was able to achieve a 29 instead of a 28 so that has helped! :)</p>

<p>As far as her intended career path, she isn’t 100% sure…she is interested in marketing, studying abroad, and something that will use her spanish skills.</p>

<p>I am curious what sets UA’s business school apart from the rest? Why did students pick UA over other undergrad business schools? What sea_tide wrote does help. Thanks!</p>

<p>My D was a direct admit at IU’s Kelley and at UIUC’s business school, and was acceped to Wisconsin as well. She chose UA over those schools for the university as a whole, as opposed to the business school. We liked that UA had a smaller feel and seemed more student-centric than IU, UIUC and UW. We figured going in that it was going to be harder for her to get a job in the midwest if she went to Alabama, if only because there would be waaay more midwest and Chicago employers recruiting at the Big 10 schools than at Bama. If she wants to come back to our area after she graduates, she’s going to have to put in the effort to find a job. Alabama has a couple of very highly regarded programs in MIS and Accounting, but my D isn’t majoring in either of those.</p>

As far as her intended career path, she isn’t 100% sure…she is interested in marketing, studying abroad, and something that will use her spanish skills.</p>



<p>With her Spanish skills, Is she interested in the Global Business Concentration within Marketing? (BTW…this concentration is also available in other Business majors, for those interested.)</p>

<p>Globalization is more than just a trademark of 21st century business used to explain the flattening of the global economy. It describes perfectly whom the economy and the modern enterprise must always cater to: the world.</p>

<p>This specialization provides the information and the tools students need to compete and succeed in the global market. These courses integrate topics spanning from international trade to global competition and strategy.</p>

<p>With preliminary hours of preparatory coursework in our Global Business curriculum, our students emerge prepared with a global perspective.</p>

<p>Our faculty scholars and students teach and study around the world. Our students are able to gain international experience through study abroad and internship programs that better prepare them for competition in today’s global economy. Culverhouse may be local, but our knowledge is global.</p>

<p>The Global Business Specialization is comprised of:
2 required courses,
2 elective courses,
4 semesters of one foreign language,
1 study abroad class.</p>

EC 430
International Trade
EC 431
International Finance
IBA 350
Introduction to World Business</p>

<p>IBA 351
Multinational Business Communication
IBA 460
Export-Import Management
MKT 455
International Marketing</p>

<p>Sales and Services Marketing are the other two concentrations within Marketing.<br>
The other Marketing Concentration links can be found here. Click on each one for details.
<a href=“Home - The Culverhouse College of Business”>Home - The Culverhouse College of Business;

<p>For beth’s mom, is your D interested in getting a job in the midwest or Chicago or more interested in looking closer to Alabama? Did it matter to your D that it would be more work to get a northern job? :)</p>

<p>What are typical companies and/or cities that will recruit at Alabama for undergrads with business degrees?</p>

<p>I know that there is a list of employers on the website, I will try to find it.</p>

<p>Also found these two things interesting:</p>

<p><a href=“Home - The Culverhouse College of Business”>Home - The Culverhouse College of Business;

<p><a href=“”>;/a&gt;&lt;/p&gt;

<p>Looks like I have to log-in to something to have access to the list of employers.</p>

<p>Anyway, I did find that 91% of B-school 2013 grads were employed or in grad school within 6 month of graduation.</p>

<p>Overall avg starting salary: $47,360
Overal median starting salary: $48,000</p>

<p>avg starting salary by major:
Acct’g: $45,360…high $66,000
Econ: 46,420…high $63,200
Finance: 46,290…high $100,000
Gen business: 42,930 …high $65,000
Mgmt: $43, 630…high $65,000
Mktg: $41,520…high $85,000
MIS: $58,810…high $80,000
OM: $58,500…high $80,000</p>



<p>She’s certainly open to staying in the south, but Chicago seems more likely since this is the area she’s most familiar with, where her family is and where many of her long-term friends are likely to return. I expect her college friends will scatter after graduation as they’re from all over the country. It did not matter to her when she chose Bama that it would most likely be more work to get a midwestern/Chicago job coming from Alabama than it would be coming from Wisconsin, Indiana or UIUC. We told her as much, but “after graduation” was so far in the future that it wasn’t of much concern. I’m not worried about it, though, and I know she isn’t either.</p>

<p>thx for this info</p>