How does AP Calculus BC credit work for engineering majors?

<p>A score of 5 on the BC exam gives credit for M408K and M408L. The suggested schedule for engineering has M408C and M408D followed by M427K. The pre-reqs for M427K can be fulfilled by either of the two sequences, so would it be possible to jump straight into M427K for an engineering major? Does anyone ever do that?

<p>M408K=Diff. Calc
M408L=Integral Calc
M408C=Diff. and Integral Calc (preferred Calc course for engineering majors)</p>

<p>A score of 5 on the AP Calc BC will give credit for 408K and 408L that will be equivalent to 408C.</p>

<p>No. You need to take M 408D (or M) at UT. You can’t get credit for it through AP exams.</p>

<p>Just to clarify, M408C is a combined version of M408K and M408L, correct? And you only need a 3 on the AP Calc BC exam to get credit for M408C?</p>

<p>It just confuses me that you need a 5 on the BC exam to get credit for M408K and M408L but only a 3 for M408C when M408C is supposedly the faster, and thus more difficult version.</p>

<p>I believe that K and L span C and reach into D. If K+L only covered C, then that would mean that M=D. It’s technical things like this that make many institutions look down upon AP credit.</p>

<p>According to the credit by exam guideline:
5 on the AP BC will give credit for 408 K, L, M
3 on the AP BC will give credit for 408 C (=K and L)</p>

<p>408 K + 408 L + 408 M = 408 C + 408 D
408 C is the pre-req for M408 D while 408 D or M is the prerequisite for M 427 K.</p>

<p>So it is possible that you could jump into M 427 the first semester if you scored a 5 on the AP BC. However, Cockrell may not allow this and also you have to ask yourself how confident you are with this route? Will M 427 K be difficult without a fundamental Calc course taken at college? In addition, M427 K is a second year Calc course so you will most likely be in a class with sophomores.</p>

<p>My S (freshman now) scored 5 on AP BC that only allowed him to claim credit for K and L last year. I don’t recall there was an option of claiming 408 M when the score posted. The police might have changed. He took M408 D the first semester and M 427 K the second semester. I don’t think he would want to go straight to M 427 K the first semester.</p>