How does class rank work. Percentage or Numbers?

<p>At my school everybody keeps trying to get into the top ten</p>

<p>As in the top ten people with the highest gpa</p>

<p>But isn't it top 10% that they count and not the actual "Top ten" people?</p>

<p>percentage. It would only be 10 people if your class was composed of 100 people.</p>

<p>@enticing plague</p>

<p>Thank you good sir
Everybody at my school kept insisting that it was "Top ten people," I'm like noo.
What if you had a class of 2,000 hypothetical. You're telling me that only 10 of those students would receive the honor of being in the top ten? No.</p>

<p>Yeah, nothing to worry about. Coincidentally my class has about 100 people so top ten is top ten haha.</p>