How does college look at my GPA?

<p>Can anyone tell me how college look at people's GPA?
Is it only sophomore and junior year weighted GPA? or is it ALL 4 year average Weighted GPA?
what would be a decent GPA weighted and SAT score for UCI?</p>

<p>Take your pick. Schools vary greatly in how they look at your gpa. Weighted, unweighted, forgiving of a blah freshman year, recalc using only core classes stripping all weighted grades, and on. Universities vary as much as the high schools that are sending them grades. Weighted, unweighted, 4pt scale, 5pt scale, 100pt values, Pass/Fail, and on. It's a maze!!</p>

<p>anyone know how UC score my GPA?
my question really is does freshment year counts? cause many people say UC only look at sophomore and junior grades</p>

<p>Let</a> me google that for you</p>

<p></a> - Calculating Your GPA</p>